10:43 pm - 06/11/2012

MESSEJI Japanese ver. teaser + Hello & Goodbye Dance ver. MV

Sources: MYNAMEJPN, H2media2011

lol why is Seyong so awkward at 0:12 in the teaser. still mourning for Gunwoo's hair
oops sorry for the title, i didn't aware of that issue. title changed and once again i'm sorry
___varying 11th-Jun-2012 07:39 pm (UTC)
Lol none of them look like they want to release a Japanese PV. Or else that's some unfortunate editing. And IA OP, Gunwoo's hair is especially tragic in this. Plus cheap set is cheap. D:

I like the Hello & Goodbye choreo! The bit where they salute the camera is cute.

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