11:52 am - 06/13/2012

[VIDEO] What do people think about Big Bang when they listen their music for the very first time?

(To see the subtitles, select the CC caption option on Youtube.).

We VIPs love Big Bang songs, this is fact. But what do people who are not KPOP fans, people that have never heard Korean music in their lives, would think if they heard a Big Bang hit?

To find out we, from Big Bang Brazil, did a short interview with some people who attend the Grão Café, located on Assembléia Street, the center of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). As we were in a cafe, nothing would be more appropriate than to present the song "Café", the last track of their 4th mini album.

Let's see what people think of the melody, lyrics and the performance of the song "Cafe".

Credits: BigBangBraziI + Hokuto @ http://www.bigbangbrazil.com.br/
Please, take with full credits.
benihime99 14th-Jun-2012 04:31 pm (UTC)
XD guuuurl why are you still confusing pressed and objectiv?
Honestly if you were to say "café is a shitty song because..." I wouldn't mind because that's kinda true, so see I'm not pressed. But your comment (as always) is trolling because that is what you do, and I am not the only one saying and thinking so. Again that is common knowledge around here and that's why so many people wants to get rid of you. That's why people at arama are partying because they don't have to deal with you anymore.

And lol at the fact that just like ALL the other troll yo use the "it's the internet, not real life" excuse... that shows howpathetic you are otherwise you'd knew that internet is a way to communicate just like phone, paper or direct conversation... it creates real interactions between real people but only if those people are willing to do so and are honest. So of course you wouldn't know about it cause you're just a troll.

And honestly I feel bad for you cause sometimes you say interesting stuff, ngl you do, but the amount of bullshit you usually say kinda burry whatever could be nice about you.
(no subject) - Anonymous
benihime99 14th-Jun-2012 04:46 pm (UTC)
Very mature... stealing that gif though
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