9:48 pm - 06/17/2012

Actress Lee Chae Young shocked that overweight people exists!

Actress Lee Chae Young is being put under fire for a recent careless tweet regarding the overweight.

[I was met with a pink light of fear]

On June 16th, the actress wrote, “I went to grab a meal at the nearby Denny’s, but while waiting at the restaurant, I was met with a pink light of fear. They came out looking a lot skinnier in this photo. This is for real. Should I not eat and just leave?

Accompanied by the post was a photo of two overweight foreigner’s back view at a Denny’s restaurant. Followers and netizens were shocked upon seeing the post, leaving many outraged and furious.

But without knowing what was going on, Lee Chae Young continued, “This makes me want to lose 10 kg as soon as I arrive in Seoul. I’m sorry for secretly taking the photo without permission, but thank you for motivating me,” adding onto the issue.

Although her posts have been deleted, they have already racked up an overwhelming amount of livid responses. A number of netizens screen captured her message and shared the photos on various portal sites, criticizing her careless behavior.

They commented, “I never knew she was an actress who would behave so rashly“, “I’m shocked. Just imagine how hurt those two women would be if they happened to see that photo“, “How embarrassing“, “She should have just kept her thoughts to herself“, and more.

Lee Chae Young has since apologized for her thoughtless remarks saying, “I’m sorry. My heart feels heavy knowing that I have disappointed many for my careless remark. I will take the time to reflect on my actions. I sincerely apologize.”

Source & Image: TV Daily via Nate
Article : Allkpop
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