10:28 am - 06/18/2012

B1A4 invites you into their bedrooms in CeCi spread

B1A4's uninhibited yet peaceful bedroom shots have become public.

B1A4 recent did a magazine shoot with CeCi entitled, "While You Were Sleeping." The motif of the shoot was "What is it like in B1A4's bedrooms before they go to sleep?"

The boys were shot in sleeveless shirts, underwear and plain white tees, giving a realistic feel with clothes they would actually wear around the hose, while doing things like eating candy, etc., showing a free-spirited atmosphere.

With listless expressions ready for sleep, the boys looked into the camera giving cute boyish images. Readers can really feel a sense of boyishness through the shots.

In particular, for the first time B1A4 is showing upper body skin, blurring the lines between boy and man while displaying excellent charms. A dichotomy emerges between the image of a mischievous child and the tight abs on display giving a manly feeling.

CeCi's photography team said, "Showing a natural appearance while in front of the camera is one of the hardest things for a model to do. B1A4 brought an 'everyday' feeling with them on the set and they easily accomplished the task. They went back and forth between 'boy' and 'man' in this shoot, and their proportions would even give professional models a run of their money."

B1A4 are currently continuing to promote their song, "Baby Goodnight," vigorously on music shows.

Source - Newsen (story) + b1a4-confessions (photos)
Translation - qummydino
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