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B1A4's interview with CeCi


Your charms: I do both vocals and rap. It’s a little embarrassing to say this myself, but my pretty smile.
Before I sleep, I organize the happenings of the day while doing some slight reflections, and think of the next day’s schedules.
The scene in the dormitory before sleeping: (Interpreting artist Shin’s drawing) Jinyoung would fall asleep curled up like a baby. Sandeul would have thrown his blanket out of his bed and fallen asleep with his laptop on his stomach. Baro sleeps the most comfortably with his blanket pulled up to his chest.
Lullaby you wish to hear from your girlfriend? It’s enough to hear her sing “잘자요 우리아기” (Sleep Well, Our Baby), even if she has no techniques.

Type of girl who will move your heart: A bright girl who always smiles to the people in her surroundings.
When you’re in love: I would probably be passionate but that’s just a guess. Honestly I don’t know my own style.
What would you buy a 100 million dollar insurance for? My shoulders.
When do you miss the members? When I was waiting around in the waiting room during my sitcom filming, I really thought a lot about them.
A moment when you’ll be oddly sad: A bedroom in our dorm has 2 double-decked beds, so that room has 4 members and one of us sleeps alone. I’m constantly worried about having to sleep alone if by any chance the sleeping arrangements change.
Members’ secrets: Jinyoung’s right arm is amazing. For various reasons.
Ability you’d like to steal from the members: Jinyoung’s positive mind, Sandeul’s socialibity, Baro’s variety skill and Gongchan’s beautiful voice.
Ability you’d like to borrow from God: The ability to visit the past, the ability to visit the future and the ability to read minds.
Phrase you’d like to engrave on your tombstone: I left (the world) with no regrets.
To the fans: I hope we can be together forever.


Your charms: B1A4′s daddy leader. If I had to appeal with my looks, it’ll be my long torn fox eyes. If I had to name something that the members would appreciate, it would be my caring nature.
If I would live as someone else for a week, I wish to be So Jiseop in the movie “오직 그대만” (Only You). I dream to have a love as fated as in the movie.
The source of your inspirations: I cried reading the book “사랑 고마워요 고마워요” (Love, thank you, thank you). Reading books unfolds all kinds of imagination. Thanks to them, I learnt about relationships through words.
My role model is will.i.am. His songwriting skills, ability to sing, stage presence, leadership, and the carefreeness that comes with his exper ease.
Members’ secrets: The absurb gags that come from Channie sometimes, CNU’s excessive carefreeness, and Sandeul who cannot sit cross-legged.
Type of girl who will move your heart: A girl with a bob who would help an old grandmother hold onto her heavy things on the subway. I’m looking for that person.
Lullaby you wish to hear from your girlfriend? MYMP ‘Say You Love Me’Supreme Team’s ‘Darling’and Navi’s ‘I Love You’.
Lullaby you wish to sing? I want to perform Beast’s “안을까말까” (Should I Hug Or Not) with an acoustic guitar and sing it to her. The song is really nice.
Members’ pyjamas: Leader sleeps in a sleeveless shirt, Sandeul in his pink three quarts, Baro in hisMonsters Inc. shorts, CNU in his underwear.
To the members: Thank you for doing so well up until now, and let’s continue to become an amazing group as united as we are right now (and I’ll say I love you, with a heart too)
To the fans: I have nothing I wish for, other than to eat well and stay healthy. But I hope you all stay by our sides. And don’t cheat!


Your charms: I bring energy to this world, the owner of this fatal attraction, main vocal Sandeul.
If I would live as someone else for a week, I wish to live as Jim Carrey in the movie “Mask”. I’ve always wanted to wear that mask ever since I was young.
As soon as I wake up, I replenish my body with water since it’s the start of a day.
Before I sleep, I end the day with water too.
Lullaby you wish to hear from your girlfriend? I think I’ll fall asleep slowly to the childhood rhyme of “A Sailor Went To Sea”.
Type of girl who will move your heart: A person who does their best at their work. A girl who can hold onto me and move my heart.
Amongst the members, what are you number one at? My lips are fuller and sexier than any of them.
When do the members look sexy? When Channie comes out of the shower and he calls for me. I will never forget the appearance of him ruffling his hair dry while looking at me.
A recent worry: I always think about what sort of pretty actions should I do to receive praise from the other members. It’s a worry that I have for myself.
Members’ secrets: Jinyoung hyung and Baro are just as tall as I am!!! No one knows that.
Goal in 2012: To do everything to my best effort so that I regret nothing. To work hard at exercising. And also to receive the love of noonas.
Me in 15 years’ time I’ll be dressed from top to bottom in a furry training suit, with two puppies on a morning jog. I’ll then meet the members to compose songs in the afternoon.
To Baro: Please stop nagging. I’ll do better.
To the fans: We’re eating and sleeping well, and healthy. So now, there’s nothing to worry about right?


Your charms: I’m the only blood type B man in B1A4. It is a little embarrassing to say it myself, but I have quite a lot of charms.
The scene in the dormitory in the morning: I’ll be the first to wake up and as I’m drying my hair after washing it, Channie will enter the toilet. CNU hyung will then really slowly get down from his bed, and Sandeul will open the door of the refrigerator. Jinyoung hyung is still asleep.
Lullaby you wish to hear from your girlfriend? Hyeryeong’s “반지 하나” (One Ring). I have ever heard this song as a lullaby before in the past, it melts my heart.
Type of girl who will move your heart: A girl wearing a white shirt and denim pants immersed in her work. The appearance of a girl drinking after sweating out from exercising moves my heart.
If I would live as someone else for a week, I want to be the character David Rice from the movieJumper. It’ll be interesting to visit the universe by teleportation.
Moments when you think that you look sexy: When I’m engrossed in work. I have ever once heard someone say so before. Hehe.
What does your blonde hair represent? A ghost who kills time. Coming back with blonde hair makes me feel welcome, like a long lost friend. Blonde hair is my friend. I want to run around the tracks with it.
What does your low voice represent? One of my weapons for a reversal.
If I had to introduce a member to my younger sister, it’ll be Sandeul. I started to think differently from the past. When he’s sulky, he is easy to appease. He’ll always keep her happy.
Members’ secrets: Shh. The fact that there are no secrets to Baro is a secret.
To Sandeul: Wash the cups after you’ve drank water from them! Because there are 3 cups in the sinks there aren’t enough (for the other members to use).
To the fans: It’ll be good if everyone stayed healthy.


Your charms: I am part of B1A4′s vocal line, chic maknae Gongchan. I have the unknown power of aegyo.
Phrase that makes you happy: When someone calls out for me with “Chansik-ah~”, I feel that there is no distance between us, and it makes me feel closer to the person.
Nickname that is unforgettable: Neup-dol. [T/N: Or swamp-dol. 늪/Neup is Korean for swamp, and swamps are known that it is hard to get out once you've fallen into it.] You will not be able to get out once you’ve fallen. I’d like to confess that it is actually us who came up with this nickname.
If I would live as someone else for a week, I want to live as Hansel from “Hansel and Gretel”. I would eat the gingerbread house for a week.
B1A4′s worst bloody battle? I swear I speak the truth, but we have never fought before. We talk a lot, and comfort each other. The reason for our biggest argument was over the dinner menu.
Members’ body parts that you want: Sandeul’s cheek fats. I’m looking for the recently missing cutie bouncy cheek fats of Sandeul hyung.
Members’ secrets: When we need to clean (the dormitory), the hyungs disappear one by one. So I always end up doing it alone.
Members’ sleeping habits: Jinyoung hyung does ballet when he’s asleep. CNU talks to himself, and it’s scary. If you sleep with Sandeul hyung, he’ll hug you to sleep. Baro hyung snores. Hyungs, I’m sorry.
Lullaby you wish to sing to your girlfriend? A song with sweet lyrics, such as Alex’s “사랑하오” (I Love You). I want to love her.

source: beautifulday.kr, trans by skipfire @ flightb1a4, bethe1all4one
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