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Remember that Indie Group Y'all Kinda Liked? Here's More on Them.

Having just released their mini album a mere few days ago, the four members of rookie group 4K, consisting of Cory, Seokjun, SungOh and Kisu, are the first group to make their debut under Cho Eun Entertainment.

The boys of 4K were dressed down in their training clothes having just attended a dance lesson an hour before the scheduled interview. The interview was conducted simply in the practice room, starting with the filming of the intro video. Their live rendition of their title track, ‘Rocking Girl’ was sang with passion and oozed of youthfulness. Their vocals were a blend of sweet and husky, with the members harmonizing perfectly together. This group was no doubt ready to conquer the Korean entertainment industry. [omitted the re-cap of the video below]

To get a closer look at what goes on inside the 4K members minds, let’s take a look at their brain maps which were drawn personally by the boys. Quirks include Cory with “Pizza” occupying more than half his mind, and SungOh who included a sweet “Fans (I Love U~)” as a part of his brain map. Check out their brain maps below! 

4K’s profiles on their official website formally states facts like the boys heights range from 177cm and up, that they attended arts schools, and certain members play the guitar. But right now, let’s take a closer look at the fun FAQ profiles the boys have personally scribbled down just for soKoreal!

Name: Hong Seok Jun
Blood Type: O
Training Period: 11 months
Skills: Singing, winning
Hobbies: Dance, Observing Fashion/Clothes, Watching Movies
Fashion Style: Neat and comfortable style
Role Model: Rain, JYP, Wheesung, Usher, Justin
Ideal Type: A woman with charms
Idols Whom you are Close to: Boyfriend- Jeongmin, NoBrain, Wheesung
Animal Look-alike: Dog
Favourite food: Dwaeji-galbi (t/n: pork ribs)
Favourite Music: Ballad and R&B
Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite Number: 3,7

Name: Choi Kisu
Blood Type: B
Training Period: 2 Years
Skills:Singing, Piano
Hobbies: Bowling, Watching Movies
Fashion Style: Street Urban Style, Hip-hop
Role Model: Insooni
Ideal Type: A woman with pretty eyes
Idols Whom you are Close to: Rainbow-Jisook, Superstar K- Park Pilgyu
Animal Look-alike: Dog, Calf, Monkey
Favourite food: Ramyun, Spicy Rice Cakes, Meat
Favourite Music: Acoustic R&B
Favourite Colour: Black, White, Green
Favourite Number: 7

Name: Cory
Blood Type: A? O?
Training Period: about a year and a half
Skills/hobbies: Cooking, basketball
Fashion Style: Hip-hop, Street Urban Style
Role Model: Teddy, Dr Dre
Ideal Type: A woman with pretty eyes ^^
Idols Whom you are Close to: David Oh, Kim Minseok, Megan Lee
Animal Look-alike: Beagle, Meerkat
Favourite food: Pizza, Pasta
Favourite Music: Hiphop, R&B
Favourite Colour: Green, White
Favourite Number: 2, 24, 28

Name: Yoo Sung Oh
Blood Type: AB
Training Period: 1 year
Skills: Guitar, Piano
Hobbies: Singing, Basketball
Fashion Style: Street, Casual
Role Model: Kim Hyunjoong, Lee Seunggi
Ideal Type: Energetic and out-going personality (IU)
Idols Whom you are Close to: Rania- Jooyi
Animal Look-alike: Parrot, Cute monkey
Favourite food: Chicken
Favourite Music: R&B, Ballad
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Number: 13

Having just made their debut, the interview’s theme was centered around their debut and trainings to let fans gain a little more insight into the lives of these hardworking boys.

Q: Was there any points of times during your trainee days, in which you went through a tough time?
Cory: We had a vocal trainer who trained us since we started training, she was like a mother figure to us as all of us come from different places (n: Cory hails from America and the others come from different parts of Korea). However, she had Cho Eun ent. had to part ways. We all took it hard, and it was the hardest time for us. However, we got over it through our friendship with each other.

Q: How does it feel to have debuted finally?
Kisu: It feels so surreal; like it happened so fast within a short period of time. And many fans gave us interest, so we felt that we had to work harder to repay that.

Q: Which song do you like the most in the Mini Album?
SungOh: Rocking Girl
Cory: Bye Bye Bye
Kisu: Moonlight Sonata
Seokjun: Rocking Girl

Q: Why did you pick the name “4K”? What meaning is there to it?
Cory: “4K” means “For KPOP”, because there are many mainstream pop songs within this genre, and we wanted to change because KPOP is stuck in a mortuary of similar songs. Originally, these 3 (Sungoh, Kisu and Seokjun) were supposed to debut as a typical Kpop ballad group with typical ballad songs, but we decided to take a different road, of Acousitc style, which is not widely commercialized. We’re very happy with the results.

Last but not least, the boys have always been returning the love they have received from fans and are grateful for all the support. Enjoy the video message they have recorded for the fans, and readers of soKoreal.com.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this exclusive interview with rookie group 4K, conducted in a collaboration by soKoreal and 4Kintl. Many thanks to Cho Eun Entertainment, as well as the staff and boys themselves. We wish you all the best in the future and hope you continue to shine brightly.

Sources: sokoreal  4Kdaum  choeunent-boys@tumblr sokorealofficial@yt

Stanning Seokjun hard. His skills include winning and he's close to Wheesung, and if he's close to Wheesung he's close to...

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