12:52 pm - 06/20/2012

SM-YG Heats Up Summer with Super Junior & 2NE1's Simultaneous Comeback Next Month

Two biggest rivaling agencies SM and YG are about to have a showdown this coming summer.

SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment both have been in tight competition, and are about to get down again as they present their big name idol groups around the same time. Super Junior and 2NE1 are said to be returning on stage mid-July.

A source tells, "The simultaneous comeback of these two star groups from SM and YG is sure to have a ripple effect in the industry!" He adds, "The result of the competition is surly the talk of the town as the confrontation should present an interesting outcome. All other agencies are already adjusting their schedules to avoid this period for their comebacks. This clash is the most anticipated event in the industry today."

The top two idol groups of Super Junior and 2NE1 facing each other will surely heat up the summer indeed.


For me, SM will obviously win, of course, but let's see about that. 
akaich0u 20th-Jun-2012 06:41 am (UTC)
Thanks, I didn't initially realized you had added the first and final rows in doing so.

If we base it purely on who's doing better on the charts overall
And if Mnet didn't place so much importance in a voting system that could be totally bombarded willy-nilly, WG would've won. But these people get to decide how they want to give their award, and if they want broadcasting and fan votes to be a big deal, I'm fine with that. I don't feel comfortable saying Inspirits autorobot spammed the Mnet poll because I don't know they did that. Likewise, deciding someone fudged the broadcast numbers for a group based on what I've observed only is also out of my confidence zone. Like someone said down there, Sistar managed to get 9000 points, so who knows what is possible? I respect your opinion but personally I wouldn't assert someone is cheating unless I had the evidence at hand.
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