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B1A4's interview with Hanryu Pia

★ Beautiful Target is a song that gives you strength

- You debuted in Korea last year in April, and after a year you’ve decided on your Japanese debut. Do you think it’s fast?
CNU: I’m not sure how it is like for the other artistes but I feel that it’s not too fast, not too slow. It’s a good timing?
Baro: We did not have the urge to hurry with our debut in Japan, but to be able to debut in Japan makes us happy, because we could allow more people to listen to the music we like too.

- Who have you spoken to about regarding your Japanese debut?
Jinyoung: …Because we’re been so busy, I haven’t spoken to anyone about it yet (laugh). But my family and friends will probably find out from the news articles.
Gongchan: We shared our happiness amongst ourselves.
CNU: That’s why we don’t know how the reaction is like around us.
All: Ahahahaha (laugh).

- Your debut song is the Japanese version of your Korean title song Beautiful Target. Is there anything you’ve newly discovered during recording?
Baro: It was easier to record as compared to before.
Jinyoung: Even though it was so when I sang, I discovered the effectiveness of the song during the music video shoot. We were really tired when the filming continued through the night…
Members: That’s right. So tired~
Jinyoung: But the song wakes you up immediately! So I felt once again, ah.. It’s a famous song. It’s an enjoyable song.
CNU: Your strength just rises.
Baro: When we filmed for the original Korean music video, there were parts in our dance, gestures and expressions that we were not satisfied with. But after dancing a lot to it during our Korean promotions, and practicing the Japanese version a lot during recording.. We feel more carefree in expressing our emotions in our second round of promotions, as compared to the first.
Sandeul: You’ll never get sick of this song~

- Is the Japanese language difficult?
Jinyoung: Almost half of the lyrics to Beautiful Target is in English. So it was not as difficult as we expected.
CNU: We also practiced our pronounciations a lot. In the Japanese language, when you get a tone wrong the entire meaning changes. I put a little more effort in that part.
Baro: There weren’t much troubles in my rap too. But it was a little hard to match the rhymes? We studied Japanese hard!
Jinyoung: We are attending Japanese language classes, and whenever we have time we memorize vocabulary.

- The recording of your other song Bling Girl was directed by Jinyoung, right?
Jinyoung: Yes! We spent 9 hours recording it. The members helped out and the recording went perfectly. The atmosphere was good, so the people recording feel good too.
CNU: Bling Girl is also a song that you can gain strength from after listening to it. We who sing it gain strength too!
Jinyoung: Whenever we record, the members will each obtain a topic and challenge to clear it. It all comes out on the song. I think we matured a lot in this point.
CNU: When we’re all done singing, we listen to it at once together. It is very realistic, as we listen to each other’s voices and say things like, “Ah, you’ve improved here~”.

★ Secrets of how the members have changed?

- So from now on, we’ll be carrying on the solo photoshoots… Please talk about how he (the person not present) has changed after debut, and how he has not changed. (laugh) Starting with Baro?
Gongchan: During OK days, he was like a child but starting from Baby I’m Sorry he became manly! Recently when I look at Baro hyung’s pictures I feel that he is handsome.
Jinyoung: He has matured a lot with regards to his thoughts. He has been reading books often lately, so his vocabulary has increased too. He’s working hard at self-development.
Sandeul: Baro does really well at self-management, he does it consistently.
CNU: In the waiting rooms of music broadcasts, the other members would be asleep from fatigue but he’d be reading a book. I feel that he’s working really hard.

- Who is always sleeping?
Sandeul: ……..(Chooses CNU with his finger)
CNU: I don’t always do so (laugh).

- How has leader Jinyoung changed?
CNU: He has not changed with regards to how he works hard when composing music. Even during our busy promotional period, he’d be composing through the night despite being sleepy. That side to him is extremely cool.
Gongchan: He is a man who does not know of giving up. He does something until it reaches perfection. Whenever we record, he keeps getting us to repeat in order to improve the quality of our vocals. That’s why he has the nickname of “also”. (Pointing to Sandeul) He is the victim of the “also/as well” attack, having to leave and wait. We keep hearing Jinyoung say “it’s good now but do this also”.
Sandeul: Yes… I am always in the recording booth (in a small voice). Ah! Jinyoung hyung just looked at me. Scary! Jinyoung hyung has matured and grown more handsome as the days pass… as well (laugh).
Gongchan: Also… We keep hearing it so it’s stuck to our lips (laugh).
Sandeul: Also (laugh). Jinyoung hyung keeps on doing aegyo these days as well.
Gongchan: If we’re talking about recently, isn’t it Sandeul hyung?
Baro: Because Gongchan is the youngest, he has much aegyo. But in Sandeul’s case, rather than aegyo…
Gongchan & Baro: You’d want to strangle him? (laugh)

- Jinyoung has returned and CNU has left. Please talk about CNU next.
Gongchan: CNU hyung has not changed a single bit since the past. He’s always slow (laugh). When we’re done with practice and we all leave by car, only CNU hyung doesn’t come out. If we had to talk about what he does instead… He checks if all the lights are switched off, since he is the mother (laugh).
Jinyoung: He has changed in the way that he doesn’t waste his efforts by challenging himself to improve and he works harder than ever.
Baro: And as compared to when we first debut, he jokes around less. Maybe he’s busy, or tired but he no longer jokes around with me, he’s gotten tired of me. At those times I get Sandeul to play with me (laugh).
Sandeul: Despite being sleepy (laugh).

- How about the youngest, Gongchan?
Jinyoung: After turning 20, he has matured and now has clear ideas on what to do to be better. He’ll be a dongsaeng who will turn out good. He has not changed in the way that he still does aegyo to us? Our maknae will be our maknae forever, so I hope that him doing aegyo to us doesn’t change too.
Baro: He hasn’t changed in his ability to calmly access a situation.
CNU: Rather than being calm, there is something you can look forward to? (laugh)
Jinyoung: He is a child who breaks with a snap.

- And lastly, Sandeul?
Jinyoung: His appetite has not changed (laugh). He has changed in the way that he is able to tell the members about his challenges in life after we debut. As the main vocal, there are many troubles that he holds to himself regarding singing. But that is a good change. To have many troubles means that you develop faster.
Baro: His passion for singing has not changed. It has in fact increased! I think it has changed slightly from the past; after we started living together, the connection by music has molded Sandeul’s personality into a much brighter one.
Gongchan: His face and body have become cooler. Before debut he wore spectacles so it was a little tacky, but just him removing his spectacles he’s become much cooler. Also, after he ends his dieting carried out during our promotional period, he gains the weight back. It’s possible to gain the weight lost from self-management (laugh).

- Please say a sentence each about your feelings about your approaching Japanese debut.
Jinyoung: More than being tense, we are nervous. We have worked hard for our Japanese debut. We want to hurry meet everyone, and stand on the stage soon.
Baro: My heart goes dugeun dugeun at the thought of the Japanese debut. I can’t fall asleep!
CNU: I miss everyone, to the extent of wanting to go on a date together. Please cheer for us!

source: scans by beautifulday.kr, trans by skipfire @ flightb1a4
forevrseptember 26th-Jun-2012 08:19 pm (UTC)
i was really skeptical about debuting in japan so early, but i feel a little bit better after hearing their japanese, they really are trying (unlike some other groups) ♥
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