9:55 pm - 06/25/2012

Barfing Everywhere: Jeremy Scott to Design 2NE1's Tour Outfits

2NE1 will become the first Korean girl group to hold a global tour, entitled ‘New Evolution‘, and to make the feat even more special, designer Jeremy Scott has stepped up to directly participate in the tour!

Jeremy Scott, the renowned designer who has been picked as one of the most important figures in the fashion world by ‘Face‘ magazine, will be designing the girls’ stage ensembles for their upcoming tour. Every detail will be taken into consideration as the girls’ dancers will also be sporting outfits created by the designer as well.

The girls announced this collaboration news along with a new concert photo, showcasing pieces from Jeremy Scott’s 2012 Fall and Winter collection.

Although many well known fashion designers have specially designed outfits for the tours of globally famous stars like Madonna and Lady Gaga, this will be the first time for a Korean girl group to sport specially created stage outfits by a widely respected designer.

In addition to Jeremy Scott, the girls have also sought the help from other globally recognized talents like Travis Payne (choreographer behind Michael Jackson‘s ‘This Is It‘ concert), Divinity Roxx (band leader during Beyonce‘s tour), and Michael Cotton (the stage designer for Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ tour).


Source: akp via Dara's me2day & 2NE1's FB

This is going to be all kinds of tragic. I've also decided that YGE goes out of its way to make its artists look like they dress themselves in the dark.
xalexandriam 26th-Jun-2012 03:11 am (UTC)
lol i know. bless their hearts.
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