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Pictures of After School member UEE‘s manner legs have been drawing attention. UEE’s manner legs have been the center of attention since pictures were revealed on various online portal sites on June 25th.

The pictures showed After School filming the music video for their 5th Maxi Single “Flashback” and netizens could not help but notice the hard time the staff had holding the camera up high due to UEE’s tall height. UEE then made the staff’s work easier by spreading her legs and matching her height with the camera so this has been dubbed as ‘manner legs’.

UEE has been well known for having a heart that is as beautiful as her face and along with her manner legs, it is said that during the three days and two nights of filming, UEE put the staff before herself, again showing her kindness.

Netizens left compliments for UEE’s manners saying, ”UEE daebak! How can she be so perfect?,“ ”It must have been hard for her to spread her legs since they’re so long,” “She has such a kind heart… what does she lack?,“ ”A girl with great manners!!,” “She even lowered her height for them~ the staff must have worked extra hard.”
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UEE revealed her plans to make the ceremonial first pitch at an upcoming baseball game.

As UEE is the daughter of Nexen Heroes coach Kim Sung Gap, many baseball fans are focusing more on her pitch than they usually do when it comes to celebrity throws.

UEE commented, “There are plans for me to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. If I do throw out the first pitch, I will practice harder with my father.”

Looking back on her experience in May of 2010 when she was unable to pitch at a Nexen Heroes and LG Twins game due to arriving late, she’s more determined this time around. She was late to the 2010 event due to scheduling conflicts as well as a minor vehicle collision. It was the first time a celebrity scheduled to throw the first pitch was unable to make it.

UEE continued, “I felt so bad for the disturbance I caused last time, so if I am given another opportunity, as my father’s daughter, I will practice really hard. To be honest, I haven’t been able to see my father much lately because of my promotions in Japan. My father’s team is doing really well these days, and he’s drinking herbal medicine to maintain his health. I hope that After School can take that strength and succeed too!”
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On June 20th, After School held a press conference for their “Flashback” comeback and revealed what they would do if they won first place.

When asked to make a pledge for their first place win, UEE replied, “I’d like to take off our heels for our encore stage and perform barefoot.” Lizzy added, “We’ll perform our encore stage with half the members bare faced and the other half wearing make up.”

The other members rejected the pledges, jokingly stating, “Those are just their own thoughts, not ours!”, while UEE replied back with determination, “I’ll take responsibility in making sure that all of the members take their shoes off.”
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UEE‘s photo shoot for Ceci magazine has been revealed.

The After School member is the cover model for the magazine’s July issue, which featured a pictorial around the concept: “wannabe and mini-me“. She posed alongside her “mini-me” Jung Hyun, who featured in Pledis Entertainment‘s winter album, ‘Happy Pledis Love Letter‘ last year and is already well-known among After School fans.

The two beautiful ladies wore unique fashion styles showing off their adorable charms, and UEE drew compliments for her long and slim legs.

UEE, who has always been known to have a healthy and sexy image, revealed how she made a turning point in her acting career through her role on ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘, her true thoughts on pursuing solo activities, and the condition of After School’s comeback performance.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “They are both so pretty,” “Jung Hyun is so cute, please grow up well,” and “UEE’s legs seriously never end, it’s an all-kill!“.

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After School‘s UEE is being noticed once again for her flawless figure.

UEE has recently been appointed as the endorsement model for a weight-loss delicatessen brand, and a few behind-the-scenes takes from the set of the photo shoot have been shared online.

The singer wore a tight, red outfit and shorts that complemented her healthy, toned figure. Her long arms and legs in the unedited shots were also noted, and netizens could not take their eyes off her signature “honey thighs”.
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After School‘s UEE shared a concern regarding her unique sleeping habit.

On the June 18th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘National Talk Show Hello‘, guest UEE remarked, “We frequently travel by airplane, and when I’m tired, I sleep without my sunglasses on. But I sleep with my eyes half open.”

Fellow group member Raina then explained that UEE was not exaggerating, and that she quite literally keeps her eyes half open when she sleeps.

UEE who admitted she was afraid of being photographed in that state then reenacted how she thought she actually slept. But E-Young who also previously witnessed UEE sleep remarked, “Unni, you have to open your eyes wider!”, causing UEE’s concerns to only magnify.

MC Shin Dong Yup then assured UEE that her fans would be more understanding now that she’s confessed her concerns on the show.
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[220612 - 2038KST]
[Kaeun me2day] 안녕하세요 애프터스쿨 5기 신입생 가은입니다^.^ 오늘로 두번째 무대를 마쳤습니당^^ 뮤직뱅크에서 MC보신 유이언니.. 역시 진행도 무대도 완벽!! 멋져멋져요 히히.. 애프터스쿨 막내로서 언니들을 본받고 싶은게 참 많아요옹>_<♥ 애프터스쿨 플래시백 화이팅!!♥
[Tanslation] Hello everyone, I’m Kaeun After School’s 5th generation new student ^.^ Today i have finished my second stage ^^ Saw Music Bank MC Uie unnie.. Also the stage progress is perfect. Cool Very Cool hehe.. As After School’s Maknae , want to follow the example of the unnies so much >_<♥ After School FlashBack Fighting!!♥

[220612 - 2105KST]
[Uie me2day] 귀여운 우리 막내 가으니!!!!! 앞으로 우리 더 열심히 하자!!!!!! ^^ㅎㅎ 화이팅!!!!!! 히히
[Translation] Our cute maknae Kaeun!!!!! In the future lets work harder!!!!!! ^^ ㅎㅎ Fighting!!!!!! hehe

[220612 - 2109KST]
[Uie me2day] 오늘 뮤직뱅크에서 같이 MC보는 장우오빠가 엄청난 선물을 주셨어여!!!!!^^ 초절정섹시꽃미녀 애프터스쿨 유이^^!!!!!!! 덕분에 앨범 대박나도록 더 열심히 해야겠어요 ㅎㅎ 차세대 한류스타 장우오빠도 화이팅~ 애프터스쿨도 화이팅!!!!!!!! Flashback~!
[Translation] Today Music Bank MC partner Jangwoo oppa gave a generous gift!!!!!^^ Extremely Sexy flower beauty After School Uie^^!!!!!!! Have to work harder so that album can be successful ㅎㅎ Next Generation Hallyu Star Jangwoo oppa Fighting~ After School Fighting!!!!!!!! Flashback~!

[240612- 1337KST ]
[Uie me2day] 우리 이쁜동생들 뉴이스트랑 헬로비너스가 컴백무대를 응원하러와줬어여!!!!!!! ^^ 동생들 앞에 서니까 더 긴장되고 열심히 해야겠다는 생각이 들어요^^* 우리 플레이걸즈 여러분들도 이번주내내 응원하러 와주셔서 넘넘 고마워여!!!!♥ 앞으로도 계속 와주셔야돼여♥♥
[Translation] Our pretty dongsaeng Nuest and Hello Venus came and gave support for our comeback stage!!!!!!! ^^ Feeling more nervous in front of these dongsaeng and felt that i must work hard ^^* All the PlayGirlz that came and support us this week thank you very very much!!!!♥ Continue to come and support us next time♥♥

[240612 - 1338KST ]
[Uie me2day] 이건 뮤뱅때 와준 헬로~비너스!!!!!!*^^*
[Translation] This taken at Music Bank Hello~ Venus!!!!!!*^^*
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cattleyae 27th-Jun-2012 08:57 am (UTC)
I really like the Ceci cover.

Looking at NU'EST, I just realized that I never saw Ren smile.
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