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Park Shi Yeon in High Cut (also treated the entire staff to Bali wtf that's awesome)

Park Shi Yeon treats her staff to Bali, how generous!

Actress Park Shi Yeon (”Bittersweet Life/La Dolce Vita”; “The Slingshot”; “Marine Boy”) treats her staffs for a 5 days vacation in Bali as a her way to say thank you for all their hard work. These lucky staffs are people from her agency, including her representative, manager, stylist, hair & makeup personnel who have been working for her without any break.

But this vacation looks like it’s not work-free since she has to do the photo shoot for HighCut along with doing a feature for Olive cable channel travel edition, “Park Shi Yeon in Bali”. Though she is sponsored by her endorsers, but she paid all the expenses for her staffs for that 3 nights vacation in Bali.

According to her agency, Park Shi Yeon really wants to thank her staff and they all decided to pick Bali as the destination. “All of her staffs are so impressed by her generosity… she even made plans for a day out of some BBQ~” they said.

Park Shi Yeon says that her staffs are like her own family, “I owe them so much and they do deserve a great vacation they can enjoy together. It’s been a long time so I really want to thank them from the bottom of my heart.”

Park Shi Yeon will be appearing on SBS “Family Outing” to replace the family member, Lee Chun Hee and Park Ye Jin. “I was really nervous about this program, so I hope everyone will like it. Please continue to support this program.” And about her upcoming project, she mentions, “I’m still reviewing various scripts, but I really want to improve myself as an actress. I hope to introduce to you the more mature Park Shi Yeon in my upcoming project. Please look forward for it.” she said with a smile.

Meanwhile, her Bali pictorial for “HighCut” magazine was published July 3.

Source: jazzholic

Aww, she sounds nice. I will give her a chance on Family Outing. :)
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