7:37 am - 07/05/2012

Lee Min Ki and Kim Min Hee in a new movie "Break Up"

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Actress Kim Min-hee from the movie "Helpless" chose a romantic comedy movie this time.

Kim has chosen the movie "Break Up" which is about a campus couple who've been together for a long time breaking up and getting back together again several times.

Kim appeared as a mysterious woman who did the extreme to get rid of her old life and start over new in her previous movie "Helpless". She shows potential of making another hit in the romantic comedy "Break Up".

Lee Min-ki will be her opposing partner.

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Source : Hancinema

Rom-com you said? So he is something like 3 years younger than her.... Yay Minki the cute & sexy dongseang is back on theatre?! I know it's only 3 years but still 3*3

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dapo322 5th-Jul-2012 08:33 am (UTC)
I saw that scene from the gifs before, but never knew who the guy was. I think it was only labeled with Kim Hye Soo. Now I know. Thanks OP!

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