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full individual scans of sulli & minho in vogue girl + interviews

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V.G. After singing isn't it difficult acting again?
Sulli Truthfully I do feel burdened since I'm starting to act again after such a long time. But the things I used to do, like playing around with the staff everyday and conversing with the director, began to surface in my memory one by one as soon as the filming started. Without even my knowing, I must have missed that atmosphere of a filming set. Because it somehow feels like I've discovered myself these days, acting feels more comfortable now.

V.G. What was it like when you received the offer for For You in Full Blossom? You must have fretted over having to cut your hair.
Sulli There might be a misunderstanding if I speak like this, but as soon as I saw the original I thought that I absolutely must do it. I suddenly received the sensation that "there is no one to absorb this role other than myself." I felt that I could do really, really well. I think I felt rueful for just one minute right before cutting my hair.

V.G. Is the role of Goo Jaehee similar to the Sulli whom we've known?
Sulli It likely won't be the 'cute and lovable Sulli.' However, there are quite a few aspects that are similar to my real image. Most people think of me as a child with a lot of cuteness, but truthfully I'm a bit gruff and I have somewhat of a masculine side. I also tend not to express myself. It's been difficult to bring out that part of me in f(x), so I think it worked out well that I can naturally show something close to my real image through this role.

V.G. Did you reference the characters played by Yoon Eunhye or Park Shinhye?
Sulli I referenced them in regards to outfits and hairstyles. I enjoyed watching both Coffee Prince and You are Beautiful, and truthfully even then I thought "The roles of Go Eunchan and Go Minam would suit me well." Haha.

V.G. I'm aware that you will become the main character in a love triangle. Between Kang Taejoon's brusque and manly style and Cha Eungyul's kindhearted style, which does Sulli actually like?
Sulli Manliness is nice, but I still think that a sentimental style who looks after you well is good. I like guys who will talk to me first. Please reference this. Haha.

V.G. Could you become reckless for love like Goo Jaehee?
Sulli If it's someone I really like I could do reckless things to no end, but I don't know if I could turn the cogs of my brain like Jaehee. I have no confidence in something like coming up with a perfect plan. I'm not very meticulous.

V.G. If this drama becomes a hit, is there something you want to do?
Sulli Um, a shampoo CF! When you go to the store, there are pictures on the shampoos. But only really pretty stars are gathered there. Truthfully I was a bit jealous whenever I saw that.

V.G. If you could become another member of f(x) for just a day, who would you choose?
Sulli I want to become Victoria unnie and try doing a split. And then try sleeping like that. And if my eyes become big like unnie's, wouldn't I be able to see more of the world than I do now? Ack, is that a bit nonsensical?

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V.G. Have you practiced the high jump a lot? Judging from your victory on Let's Go! Dream Team you did well, at the level of an actual athlete.
Minho I began to practice about a month and a half before we went into active filming. I thought that it was easy up until the first week or two, but it was so different from what I did on Dream Team. High jumpers do a back flip and this is very difficult. High jumping is extremely hard even compared to other athletic events, so they say that even athletes avoid it.

V.G. Kang Taejoon is a character which any woman would fall for, to what extent do you think you're in sync with the character?
Minho For now I'll put it at about 50%. We share many similar aspects in terms of personality, but things like our family relationships and the attitude with which we treat others are different. I watched the Japanese drama and looked for the original work too, but I can't say that we're completely similar because he's a character who is pure but still manly with outstanding looks. I'll just say that I want to express him well and emulate the character.

V.G. How will you show a different image from Oguri Shun, who took on the same role in the Japanese drama?
Minho The method of expression is different according to each person who acts. I'm interpreting the character with a bit of a different feel from Oguri Shun. Rather than with words, please confirm this on August 15th through the broadcast! Haha.

V.G. SHINee's Minho and actor Minho, and the Minho who partakes in photoshoots like today. Among these, which is the most difficult role?
Minho Acting. I can just show myself when I sing and dance and take pictures, but when I act I have to naturally express someone other than myself so it's difficult. And having to create a side which the drama's viewers can empathize with is the most difficult.

V.G. If one day you can have your pick of any production, what type of movie would you like to do?
Minho Action or a noir movie along Quentin Tarantino's style. I want to try doing a movie that guys will like but that will probably be possible in the far future, not with my current image.

V.G. Speaking of your image, are you seeking the image of an upright young man? I once saw you at a piercing shop, and you cut short the staff members who were encouraging you to get a piercing saying "I won't."
Minho (very surprised) Wow! I went just that once, but you saw that. Truthfully, I was curious. The members have gotten a lot of piercings too. I'm not trying to go for an upright image in particular, but for some reason I think that funky outfits and piercings won't suit me. Once my stylist got hold of magnetic earrings which didn't require pierced ears but when I looked in the mirror, as expected it looked strange. In addition, I lost them after not even an hour. So in conclusion, "upright young man" isn't of my own will but something that can't be helped. Haha.

Source: Sulli94.net
Beautiful Days
Translation: 4rang
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