7:51 am - 08/01/2012

Hwayoung aplogized to CCM's CEO, Kim Kwangsoo

Ex-T-ara member Hwayoung has approached and apologized to CEO Kim Kwangsoo in tears.

On July 31st, she went to go see their CEO Kim Kwangsoo to apologize (in tears) after she wrote an apology on her personal Twitter account.

Hwayoung's tweet read: "I am sorry for giving so much disappointment to all the fans that have given me love up until now. I will now stop (all of this), please anticipate a more mature and improved side of me. Because I have made everyone worried, I am very sorry. I also want to apologize to the people at Core Contents Media. I will greet everyone with a better (Hwayoung in the future)."

Core Contents Media CEO Kim Kwangsoo said that Hwayoung apologized and said, "I don't know why it's gotten this far. I'm sorry. To the president, members of our company family.. I'm sorry to everyone."

Kwangsoo said that Hwayoung went on to say, "When I decided not to proceed to appear on 'Music Bank' that day, I made a big mistake. I failed to keep a promise I made with the people viewing and the fans." Kwangsoo stated again, the reason Hwayoung was removed from T-ara is because of her decision to not appear on Music Bank.

CEO Kim Kwangsoo continued to say he didn't originally plan to remove Hwayoung from the group, but it ultimately got to that point. He said, "In the future, I believe Hwayoung can be a successful artist and rapper in a different company. I hope she'll grow and be able to perform on grand stages in the future."

Source: Daum translated by Nathanial + Elli for tiaradiadem
funkaliciousss Re: allkpop just posted a possible secret message that hwayoung left on twitter:2nd-Aug-2012 03:17 am (UTC)
hwayoung always had so much free time she's been planning this message for 2 years already!
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