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INFINITE's Sunggyu gets a new Twitter


INFINITE‘s ‘grandpa’ leader Sunggyu opened a new Twitter account!

The singer explained why he chose to open a new Twitter with his first tweet, “Hello I’m Gyu. It’s not that I lost my password, I just wanted to refresh the mood by making a new account hahaha.

When people became suspicious of the new account, Sunggyu proved his identity by exchanging friendly conversations with a few of his fellow INFINITE members, and uploaded the photo above stating, “I am Gyu!!!

You can follow Sunggyu’s new Twitter @kyuzizi.

akp + twitter

INFINITE's Twitter Conversation with Sunggyu

난 규야 팔로우좀.. 인피니트 보고있나?
Sunggyu: I'm gyu follow me.. infinite are you watching?

사칭 하지마세요 ... 정말 성규형맞아요?? 사대부고 김성규맞아요?? 비트 메인보컬 김성규맞아요...??
Woohyun to Sunggyu: Don't impersonate ... is it true that you're sunggyu hyung?? University High School Kim Sung Gyu, is that right?? Beat main vocal Kim Sung Gyu, right...??

ㅇㅇ 맞음 남우현 맞음? 인피니트 메인보컬 나무현맞음?? 내 룸메이트 남우현맞음???? 망원동주민 남우현 확실함?????
Sunggyu to Woohyun: ㅇㅇ That's right. [you're] Nam WooHyun, right? Infinite's main vocal Nam WooHyun right?? My roomate Nam WooHyun right???? You're sure you're Mangwondong's Nam WooHyun?????

네 맞아용 =_= 비빔이횽 아 단체사진 나... 진짜 지못미다..ㅜㅜ힝
Woohyun to Sunggyu: Yes, that's right =_= bibimi* hyung. Ah the group picture I... look bad ㅜㅜhing
(*bibimi is a nickname Hoya gave to Sunggyu because sunggyu is from Jeonju and they have a famous bibimbap there)

비번을 올려놔 잊어버리지말고 팬분들도 다아실수잇도록 그래야 안까먹지=_=
Woohyun to Sunggyu: Set a password so that you don't forget [it] and also so all fans are able to tell [it's you], so don't forget it =_=

내가 바로 규다!!!!
Sunggyu: I am Gyu!!!!

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ지지규 에헤이 지지!!
Sungyeol to Sunggyu: kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke geegeegyu* ehey geegee!!**
(*지지/geegee can mean support, to be dirty, worthless
**지지/gee its also a nickname Dongwoo gave to sunggyu)

날 지지해줘
Sunggyu to Sungyeol: Support me.
(here gyu is making a pun with the same word sungyeol used *지지 since it can mean support too)

성규형님 안녕히주무셨어요?
Hoya to Sunggyu: Sunggyu hyung-nim did you sleep well?

꿀잠잤어 준희야
Sunggyu to Hoya: I slept really well Junheeya*
(*Junhee is the name of the character Hoya is playing in his current drama)

리다 ㅎㅇ
L to Sunggyu: leader hi

ok! 규라인 탈퇴자 안녕??
Sunggyu to L: ok! Gyu-line drop out, hi??

규지지☞☜ 형아 몇개월만이야… 고생많이 햇어! 둘째의 아이디 아이디어 괜찮앗지!?
Dongwoo to Sunggyu: gyugeegee, hyung-ah after all these months... you must have suffered a lot! The idea of a second ID is alright, right!?
source: 1, 2, 3. 4. 5. 6.
translated: aleexnews

INFINITE shopping in Apgujeong dressed in sleek black suits


On August 1st, photos of the idol group shopping at a brandname rain boots store was shared on an online community forum. The post was titled, “INFINITE Apgujeong.”

The netizen who uploaded the post wrote, “I saw some really good looking guys when I went to Apgueong, and when I got a closer look, it was INFINITE. Even when invaded their space with my camera, they responded with their smiles.”

Netizens commented, “They are all good looking,” “I should have gone to Apgujeong,” and “Sungyeol oppa is so cute.”

Meanwhile, INFINITE will be holding ‘INFINITE CONCERT-That Summer‘ at AX KOREA from August 8th to the 12th.

akp + tvreport

Infinite’s Messages to Official 2nd Group of Inspirits

Sunggyu: Yo!! You’re a lucky person. To think that you’ve become part of the 2nd group, it’s unbelievable! Be happy… -I’m Gyu.

Dongwoo: Although the start is now! a good thing is good ~~ You did well, coming here before it was too late~! Let’s see each other soon with both eyes opened!

Woohyun: It’s already been 2 years since we met!! I was so happy during the time we spent together >▽<… In the future, let’s be happy together…!! for a more, more, more long, long time ~_~!.. ♥

Hoya: Congratulations on becoming true Inspirits ^-^ Let’s be together forever in the future as well~ ♥ I love you ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ -Hoya-

Sungyeol: Thank you for signing up in the 2nd group ♥ Bows. Thank you very gamsa (T/N: gamsa means thank you, but it’s just a joke phrase using ‘thank you very much’) for believing in and following us ♥

L: Everyone, you made the right choice in becoming an Inspirit, right? You signed up because of me, right?

Sun​gjong: My person ♥ Welcome~ >3< Let’s go towards 100 years~ Promise me~ Chu~ -From Jjongie-
source: infiniteupdates
trans cr: hyejin @ infinite updates
take out with full credits

Infinite at Thailand Press Conference + Fansign

inff (3)
inff (8)
inff (2)
inff (4)
inff (5)
inff (7)
inff (9)
inff (1)
inff (6)
source: 1. 2.

Cosmopolitan Magazine: Myungsoo loves reading romance manga

Q: We’ve just talked with the other members and they’re all single and not that interested in having a girlfriend, are you two the same with them ?
Sungyeol: Right now we’re too busy that we dont have time (for dating)
Myungsoo: Honestly for me, I dont even have enough time to play with our members and (playing with them) is very funny too.
Sungyeol: Myungsoo especially loves reading romance manga so it’s not a problem for him because he can satisfy his romance dream by reading them.
Myungsoo: Yup! I really like romance manga! Recently I’ve got to like reading “I give my first love to you” so much.
trans: huong @infinite7soul
shared: imperial1219 @infinite7soul
take out with full credit

Ranking King Episode 12 - Preview

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