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SNSD’s Fansites Raise Funds for Charity Project in Cambodia

Girls’ Generation’s fansites came together to raise funds for a third world country support group, World Share, and took part in a well digging project for the improvement of drinking water in Cambodia.

While there were cases where each fansite would raise funds to donate to public welfare, eight individual fansites collaborating together to raise funds is seen as a rare occasion.

Girls’ Generation’s fansites that took part in the donation were flying petals, COTTON CANDY, Woorissica, TheStephi, Shining smile, kwonyuri125, deeryoona, and Seople. As a way of symbolizing the nine members of Girls’ Generation, 9,999,999 won (8810.572 USD) were donated to World Share.

The project will take place in the Cambodian villages and districts of Takeo, Tram Kak, Ta Phem, and Ta Much and will be conducted under Girls’ Generation’s name. Nine wells will be constructed, and each will be named after a Girls’ Generation member. After the construction of the wells, the remaining funds will go towards daily necessities and vaccinations needed by locals in Cambodia.

A member of one of the fansites stated, “For a long time, each site wanted to do a good deed together, and we decided to do the donation on August 5th, 2012 in light of Girls’ Generation’s fifth anniversary. If we get the chance, we want to continue to participate in good deeds in the future.”

Source: Newswire via Daum, soshified
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: taengsoshi@soshified, bhost909@soshified

OP note: The fansites' member is
Taeyeon: flying petals, COTTON CANDY (merong)
Jessica: Woorissica
Tiffany: TheStephi, Shining smile
Yuri: kwonyuri125
Yoona: deeryoona
Seohyun: Seople

proud to be a sone <3

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