5:11 am - 08/04/2012


Some furious fans have taken matters into their own hands regarding the ‘T-ara situation’ by throwing eggs at Core Contents Media‘s headquarters to express their anger and frustration.

The August 3rd broadcast of JTBC‘s ‘Entertainment Exclusive‘ highlighted the controversy surrounding T-ara’s bullying rumors and Hwayoung leaving the group.

The episode also showed the reaction of some fans as they showed a clip of one individual throwing eggs at the agency’s property to express his anger.

The fan threw three to four eggs at the road next to the building and greeted the camera crew with a flushed expression as if he still couldn’t alleviate his anger. The fan commented, “Kim Kwang Soo managed them wrong. Increasing T-ara into seven members was the problem.”

Another fan wished for them to settle the matter as soon as possible as he shared, “I don’t like T-ara getting bashed like this.

Meanwhile, Kim Kwang Soo issued an apology for the controversy in a handwritten letter today.

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source: allkpop, nate


because egging a building (and not having very good aim by the looks of it) will bring your faves back...

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