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Kim Kwang Soo apologizes through handwritten letter; still no one believes his shit

After the initial press release explaining the details regarding the meeting with the representative of Sajungyeon Core Contents Media released an apology note penned by Kim Kwang Soo himself.

“I deeply apologize for the lacking explanation given for the termination of Hwayoung‘s contract, which led to several bullying misconceptions. From this point forward, I will work hard to be a role model for the entertainment industry by being more careful and thoughtful of my actions,” he wrote.

“Also, I would like to apologize to both Hwayoung and T-ara, as well as their parents, for inflicting pain. I believe that the members of T-Jinyo as well as Sajungyeon have nothing but love for T-ara. I thank everyone who worried about T-ara and promise to meet the representatives of those groups at any time.”

Kim Kwang Soo also noted Hwayoung’s current situation, saying “Wherever Hwayoung goes, I will do my best to help her study music and become a wonderful rapper and artist. I ask for much love towards Hwayoung and her musical future.”

He concluded by looking back upon his actions during the whole situation. “In the future, I will try to be in touch with the public opinion and become more careful. I apologize once again for the misconceptions and being a social issue. Lastly, I would also like to apologize to the media outlets and its representatives.”

Source: Osen, via Allkpop

My favourite bit was when he said he'll work to be a ~rolemodel~, who does he think he's kidding here.

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