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another (potentially) reliable source about t-tanic!

**DISCLAIMER** — All information in this post has been personally received by me through an unnamed source who lives in Seoul & works for CCM. I can not personally verify this information, but I can personally vouch for the authenticity of my source. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, or you feel your fav has been put in a bad light….. just don’t shoot the messenger (aka don’t send me all kinds of hate mail). Please & Thank You!

1) There was no bullying, really. Just Isolation. Which is still mean-spirited. But oh well. They tried to get along, it didn’t work. Look, you have to think about it this way. Here are 6 people who have worked really hard to get to the level of fame they achieved by the time Hwayoung joined the group. They had already experienced member shakeup from the first lineup of T-ara and they were finally comfortable with the 6 member group chemistry they had. Then KKS throws in this new girl — a rapper whos taking lines away from two people who already rap — & then on top of that this same new member needs a lot of training because she’s definitely not on the same level as the original 6 & she misses her twin like terribly & complains about not being put in the same group as her twin. Of course people aren’t going to be happy! So what do most catty young women do? They get bitchy & ignore the girl.

2) Jiyeon did NOT slap Hwayoung. But she almost did. Hyomin had to hold her back & there were many J vs Hwa catfights. The Troublemaking Trio (my favs Jiyeon, Eunjung, & Hyomin) were at the center of all the member complaints against Hwayoung. Boram & Qri mostly stayed out as to not choose sides. But at the end of the day, their loyalty resided with their original members.

3) Hwayoung WAS being arrogant & uncooperative. But simply, because she was tired of the drama & tired of being a T-ara member altogether. And the girl really wanted to be with her twin. I feel really bad for Hwayoung honestly. She was groomed to debut with her sister in 5dolls, but KKS thought she had more potential so he put her with T-ara. A group who did NOT want her in the first place, & honestly felt she didn’t have the same potential for their group. She was basically isolated, depressed (even though there is no such thing in S. Korea right?) and she acted out. Her final straw was when she threatened to act crazy in public against the T-ara staff & refused to perform at the show.

4) It was either Jiyeon & Eunjung or Hwayoung. Hwayoung’s last display of “ingratitude” on the tour bus so to speak really set the troublemaking trio off! & that was the ultimatum presented to KKS & CCM by the diva trio… so they had to make the best business decision possible. They couldn’t lose their 2 biggest moneymakers or let the group go to hell like that with Hwayoung in it, so it was Bye Bye Hwayoung!

5) Ahreum & Dani were added to the group as punishment to some of the group members. You remember how Soyeon, Jiyeon, & Eunjung all publicly spoke out against their long, overworked hours in 2011? Welllll, KKS didn’t like that so how to get back at 3 of 4 of his most popular members? Add 2 new breezys to the nest to shake things up. Their addition was a statement to the originals that you CAN be replaced & that they better get in line. Also, their addition was only supposed to be temporary (for a year), but I guess things have definitely changed now that Hwayoung is officially gone.

6) The original group members are definitely cordial with the newest two members though. Why? Because KKS is watching them like a hawk & does not want a repeat fiasco of what having to get rid of Hwayoung cost T-ara in money, prestige, & reputation. Plus, they happen to respect Ahreum so far because she works really hard, has actual talent, and is more of a complement to the group than even they expected. And Dani is like a little sister (who they can manipulate develop into being a great t-ara member) to the original members.

7) Dani doesn’t even speak Korean really at all that well, & shes debuting later because she’s (USA age – 12) & has a TON of training & Korean to learn to complete before she’s ready for debut time.

8) KKS didn’t think that firing Hwayoung was gonna be that big of a deal, as she was one of the least popular members anyways and a replacement at that. Boy was he surprised.

9) And as far as 5dolls/Co-ed goes? Well thats about as DOA as DOA could get. Hyoyoung was quietly let go of her contract earlier along with her twin Hwayoung & the real bullying controversy belongs to Chanmi & crew — who unceremoniously tormented poor SooMi until she had to practically beg to leave. thats a whole nother story

10) Hwayoung’s future as a solo artist? Very slim, indeed. and now that she’s been labeled as difficult & emotional in the industry (+ nobody really cares anymore –> T-ara lives on) her biggest chance is to be marketed in a duo with her twin, Hyoyoung (who’s got weak vocals & stage presence) for one of the lesser known agencies. Good luck twins!

11) T-ara’s future is still strong, yet they are a bit shaken by this ordeal. But expect NO more controversies in the near near future for this group. CCM is locked up tighter than San Quentin to make sure that Dani’s debut & T-ara’s fall comeback runs smoothly & is bigger than ever. The Troublemaker Trio (Eun, Jiy, Hyo) are contented & happy now that she’s gone plus they have the support of most industry professionals, idols, & the company itself. T-ara FIGHTING!

American K-Pop Fans

i believe every word tbh.
qri & boram remain flawless
aoiblue_kun 11th-Aug-2012 05:04 am (UTC)
That's...probably as credible as this one LOL:
"I have some scoop from the T-Ara controversy.
I've just gotten back from Korea (stayed 2 weeks at my eonnie's place). She had her friends over and the T-Ara issue was on TV so they started gossiping, naturally.
According to one of my eonnie's friends, There were some half-truths to what KKS said in his official statement.
from what she heard, the fight was more about money initially then it got personal. How my eonnie's friend found out, she claimed she went clubbing and met one of the drunk staff members that worked for CCM who was there when it happened.

Basically, they had a big argument while in the waiting room when HY walked out on them. They were trying to get her to be part of the concert like they'll have her sit and stuff, but HY didn't want any of it because she is injured and didn't want to just sit her ass of for the whole concert. She wanted it moved to a different time if possible so they can all be there performing and all with their dance choreo (I kind of agree, they're not the best singers), but the problem is that the place has already been booked with a pretty big deposit and all the other things were already paid for, which will be taken out of everyone's pocket/pay check if they moved it to a new time. But then HY argued that they dealt with money problems before (covered for each other) specially when Eunjung lost their money (50 grand) when they were overseas, but the other members said it was different because the money before was stolen while this time, it can still be fixed if she cooperated. The other members felt she was being a big baby about it and gave her a piece of their mind and HY took off crying because she felt no one understood her and made it seem like she had control over her injury. Then T-Ara performed without her, HY made a scene with the manager. (I assume this was probably what KKS was referring to HY having a princess disease.)

Then the tweet war started, when the T-Ara members left tweet about her lacking in determination, which was in reference to what they fought over in the waiting room.

Then it escalated to what we've seen unfold.

Also, the staff did complain a little about HY, supposedly, she just wanted to rest since she was injured so it created some problems for them since she is only the one who can decently rap in the group. Some of the staff were pretty mean to HY too though. some of them kept on comparing her to Eunjung in an "in your face" kind of way, because when she got injured she rolled along like a trooper while HY was complaining about the pain a lot of times, but can you blame her? Everyone's threshold for pain is different.

And lastly, because the whole issue escalated to T-Ara hate and a big loss of revenue, KKS made HY personally responsible for the whole thing and terminated her contract. KKS made everyone in the company to keep quiet about anything because he believes he can fix it.

Also, the issue is not as big as some reports would like you to believe. It's the reason why stations at the moment are still not editing out T-Ara related stuff in their variety/entertainment shows."

Either way, this info from an "inside source" can never be verified.
lee_chikin 11th-Aug-2012 08:09 am (UTC)
KKS made everyone in the company to keep quiet about anything because he believes he can fix it

Such wishful thinking. At least he hasn't released other contradicting declarations in the last days.
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