7:58 pm - 08/12/2012

T-ara's Soyeon rushed to the Emergency Room after a Major car accident

T-ara‘s Soyeon has reportedly been involved in a car accident and has been sent to the emergency room.

While traveling down to Busan on August 13th at approximately 7:oo AM for the shooting of her drama ‘Haeundae Lovers‘, her vehicle slipped on the rainy road and hit the guard rail twice before flipping on its side.

Other than Soyeon, two stylists were passengers in the vehicle. All passengers were taken to the emergency room and underwent CT and X-ray scans.

“Due to the sudden rain, the car must have slipped. The managers are now hurrying to the scene of the incident,” said a representative for Core Contents Media. “Since the car has flipped over, this incident seems bigger than we anticipated. The 119 response team responded at the scene and transported everyone to the emergency room.”

“Thankfully, Soyeon seems to have suffered no big injuries on the outside. But since this is an accident first of all, her filming schedule for today has been cancelled and will undergo a full test,” the agency concluded.

akp, nate
sungmin 13th-Aug-2012 12:36 am (UTC)
ccm was talking about how it was more serious than first thought though lol trying to ramp that shit up

like don't get me wrong it sucks that they got in an accident but ccm will try to use this to their advantage and that's pretty fucking shitty
urbandrive 13th-Aug-2012 01:22 am (UTC)
I don't know if you've read the original article in Korean, but the text reads "차량이 전복된 만큼 사고가 예상보다 큰 것 같다" which can also mean, "The accident is bigger than we THOUGHT, since the vehicle overturned." The representatives of CCM were not in the car. Most likely, they received a call stating that Soyeon had been in a car accident. They must have thought it was a minor accident but upon hearing that the car flipped, realized that it was a bigger problem.

I know everyone thinks KKS is insane, and he just might be, but I doubt that he'd think a car accident would help T-ara's dying popularity. People will sympathize with Soyeon, they won't sympathize for T-ara as a group.
sungmin 13th-Aug-2012 01:44 am (UTC)
when they got a call about the accident they would have been given the details right away though so if they did think it was a tiny thing they would have changed their minds almost immediately, lol.

getting the public to sympathize with just one member gives them a foothold, and on the back of soyeon's weird faux-emotional interview about hwayoung ccm can try to get people to buy into the idea her as a victim.
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