6:40 pm - 08/18/2012

Elementary students playing the "T-ara Game"

T-ara Game

The "T-ara Game" is shocking and quickly spreading.

On the 16th, on one online community, a post was made with the title "Children are playing the 'T-ara Game' and copying their bullying."

The writer, who claims to be a normal 24-year old college student, said “My niece and her peer group are following T-ara’s bullying scandal and making a game out of it.” And explained how she came to write this post.

She said, “I went to my older sister’s house to hang out, but my niece, who is a 3rd year elementary student, was chatting on Kakao talk non-stop. I was curious so I took a look at her phone and was extremely surprised.”

Her niece’s Kakao talk chatting room said “Now since you’re the ‘outcast’, you have to do everything we tell you to.” “Yah! Are you crazy? You’re not replying? Wanna die?”, “You carry my bag tomorrow” and other such posts were contained.

The shocked writer asked her niece what she was doing and the niece replied, “We’re playing the T-ara game. Right now (her friend’s name) is the ‘outcast’.”

The writer then asked what the T-ara game was and her niece said, “You choose one person and make them an outcast like T-ara did.”

The post’s author asked “Who taught you this kind of game” and when questioned, the niece replied, “T-ara bullied Hwayoung, you know.”

People who have seen this post have replied as such: “To children there is nothing but idols…it is really a pity,” “I can’t believe this,” “It’s scary that an ‘outcast’ game has been created,” and other reactions could be seen on the message board.

What do you think of this "T-ara Game"?

Source: Koreaboo and Asia Today

xxmannequin 19th-Aug-2012 02:48 am (UTC)
Yup, it's all T-ara's fault. You know, children don't need parents when they have idols.
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