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miss A‘s Suzy recently made a a guest appearance on KBS’s ‘Gag Concert – Discoveries of Life‘ and tweeted about the “unexpected kiss“ scene.

Suzy tweeted, “The sound of the tray [hitting comedian Kim Jun Hyun] was really loud, thats why I got surprised and startled! Our lips didn’t touch really!!! It was a great experience! Gag Concert daebak! Discoveries of Life’s gagmen, gagwomen unni’s and oppa’s you are are awesome. (I hope there is no misunderstandings!)”

Check out the video below. [Starts around 7:00 mark] Do you think their lips touched or not?

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miss A‘s Suzy made a guest appearance on KBS’s ‘Gag Concert – Discoveries of Life‘. Comedian Song Jun Geun and Suzy transformed into the ‘Introduction to Architecture‘ movie couple.

Soung Jun Geun brought much laughter to the audience when he commented during the show, “Thank you so much PD’s, is this a dream or reality?”

The dreamlike show came to a conclusion when Suzy confessed to Song Jun Geun that they should break up.

Suzy called out her first love “Taiji Oppa” in reference to legendary Korean musician Seo Taiji. Comedian Kim Jun Hyun came out and said, “Let’s show them our love for one another“. As Suzy closed her eyes and pouted her lips, Kim Jun Hyun slowly leaned in causing the audience to squeal.

But the unexpected happened as Kim Jun Hyun got hit in the back of his head causing both lips to interlock and immediately afterwards Suzy screamed because of the surprise kiss.
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Lee Min Ki could not hold in his happiness when he found out that miss A‘s Suzy, the “nation’s first love” icon, chose him as her ideal type.

On the August 25th broadcast of KBS2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly,’ a scene from an advertisement featuring Lee Min Ki, KARA‘s Seungyeon, and Jiyoung, was revealed.

In addition, with Suzy recently mentioning in an interview done with ‘Entertainment Weekly’ that her ideal type was Lee Min Ki, the actor was asked about how he felt. When Lee Min Ki was told about Suzy choosing him, he seemed a bit embarrassed, but at the same time, could not hide his smile. He commented, “I am surprised. I caught that interview by chance and I am very thankful. If an opportunity arises it will be nice to film a miss A music video together.”

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miss A‘s Suzy revealed her true feelings about entertainment shows during a photo shoot with star lifestyle magazine ‘@star1‘.

During the interview following the shoot, Suzy shared, “I think variety shows are the most difficult. I still can’t get into the groove of them. I don’t think there’s anything that’s easy in the world. All the comedian sunbaes and everyone else who are on variety shows are all admirable and amazing.”

She continued, “I have a fear of variety shows. I’m not really talkative so I don’t like speaking up. When I do, it’s not like people are waiting for me to speak, so it’s really difficult. And I can’t make it up and pretend like it’s the real me either.”

Despite the difficulties, Suzy added that she’s still trying hard to adjust: “I’m learning from all the girl group members who are on the show with me. There’s a lot to learn by going on ‘Invincible Youth 2‘. There are many times when I learn from Jiyoung who is the same age as me. I’m also learning a lot from the unnies.”
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The lovebirds of the hit drama ‘Dream High‘, Kim Soo Hyun and miss A‘s Suzy, recently reunited for Korean apparel brand Bean Pole.

Like they did with Big Bang, Bean Pole sent Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy to New Zealand and they acted as a couple in the endorsement photos. Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy’s ‘Urban Outdoor Romance’ is the romantic story of Kim Soo Hyun who went from a youthful boy to a mature adult, and the nation’s ‘first love’, Bean Pole’s newest face Suzy.

The first episode of the story is scheduled to air on September 1st, in the mean time check out the preview clip below!

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Reebok has teamed up with J.Y. Park and his JYPE artists miss A‘s Suzy and 2PM‘s Wooyoung and Taecyeon for their ‘Classic’ campaign. The four and Reebok will be unveiling a drama-like CF, and ahead of its reveal, ‘Section TV Entertainment News‘ took a visit to the set to conduct an entertaining interview.

Apparently the CF will revolve around a story line of J.Y. Park protesting the love between Suzy and Wooyoung, and the idols are seen working hard to portray the emotions of their characters.

After a sneak peek at some of the upcoming scenes, the four sat down for an entertaining interview that began with J.Y. Park referring to the four of them as “acting-idols”, to which Taecyeon protested, “Hyung, I don’t know if you can call yourself an idol..” J.Y. Park fired back that he was once an idol too.

The topic then switched to the recent ‘JYP Nation‘ concert that was held and Suzy was asked about performing 2PM’s “Again and Again” during one of the special performances. Suzy started to answer the question but seemed to lose her train of thought as she ended on an unsure note, prompting J.Y. Park to comment, “Wow, we are so bad at interviews.. Other agencies are much funner than us, right?” putting reporter Son Jin Young on the spot.

Other various topics such as related search terms were brought up, and it was revealed that Taecyeon had sent in some of his incomplete works as a composer to the agency, but they had all been rejected recently. However, J.Y. Park revealed his confidence in Taecyeon, complimenting his “musical sense”. Suzy then brought laughter as she revealed that the features of her face she was most proud of were the whites of her eyes. She confidently stated, “The whites of my eyes are very clean looking.”

Check out the video clip below!

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The ‘nation’s first love’ icon Suzy revealed a few secrets to maintaining her youthful beauty.

On the August 15th broadcast of ‘Get It Beauty‘, Suzy and her makeup artist Hong Sung Hee stepped forward to teach viewers how to obtain the singer’s classic makeup look.

The program staff members remarked, “Suzy, who revealed she cleanses her face for a 10 full minutes emphasized that the basic steps are most important in obtaining a natural look with makeup.”

“She went on to say that a thorough cleanse is absolutely necessary to get rid of the waste in your pores, and you must follow up your cleanse with a toner and lotion that’s right for your skin type,” they continued. “Suzy added that it’s important to take enough time for the toner and lotion to be absorbed by your skin. Afterwards, use a lip tint to add color to your lips and cheeks, use a pencil to line your eyes and eyebrows, and finish with a spritz of moisturizing mist.”

On the program, Suzy introduced her ’424′ face-wash routine, which consists of 4 minutes of removing her makeup with cleansing oil, 2 minutes of massaging her skin with a foam cleanser, and 4 minutes of thoroughly washing with water.

The singer remarked, “When I get older, I won’t have the skin I do now, so I have to take good care of it. I don’t have troublesome skin, though, so I don’t worry too much,” evoking envy from program MCs Eugene and Kim Jung Min.

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miss A‘s Suzy made an appearance on the August 4th broadcast of KBS2‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly‘ where she revealed her thoughts on her drama ‘Big‘ which recently aired its final episode.

On this day, when asked about her thoughts on wrapping up filming for ‘Big’, Suzy stated, “I am more relieved than sad. I have been able to take some time to breathe since finishing filming“.

Furthermore, in response to the scene in which Suzy slapped Shin Won Ho as he laid in bed, Suzy said, “The producer said, ‘if you slap him like this, he will have to keep getting hit’ so I thought to myself ‘I am doing this for the good of oppa’ and slapped him hard“.

Suzy looked apologetic as she stated, “Eventually, I got the “OK” from the producer after the sixth NG“.

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Similar to Super Junior‘s Leeteuk who is overprotective of Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun, HaHa displayed his affection for miss A member Suzy.

On the August 2nd broadcast of tvN‘s ‘TAXI‘, HaHa remarked, “I am an avid fan of Suzy’s. No one can date her, whether it be me or any other guy.”

He evoked laughs by adding, “I told her that when she does have a boyfriend, she needs to bring him to me so I can take a good look at him.”

Other Suzy fans who saw the broadcast remarked, “HaHa is another helpless uncle fan of Suzy’s,” and “He needs to see her boyfriend? He is hilarious.”
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