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Gil and Gary to leave Infinity Challenge and Running man

After ‘Super 7′ concert cancellation, Gil to leave ‘Infinity Challenge’

Earlier today, ‘Infinity Challenge‘ announced that they will be canceling their ‘Super 7‘ Concert. Not too long after that, Leessang‘s Gil left a long message on his Twitter apologizing for his mistakes and revealing his intentions to leave ‘Infinity Challenge’.

He explained what they planned to do with the profits of the ‘Super 7′ concert, and said that he was responsible for all the mistakes that led up to the canceling of the show. He wrote,

Hello. This is Gil. I’m deeply sorry and I bow my head in apology for the cancellation of the ‘Super 7′ concert. But I believe it is basic manners to explain what happened, so I am writing this now. In the beginning of the year, we finally decided to hold a ‘Super 7′ concert. Leessang helped out in a small way, but I had an awesome time practicing as one with the members. The members started to have fun as they learned an instrument or two, and we held band practices 3-4 times a week even though we were all busy. Then we started to think about if the concert should be expensive or free of charge. We got advice from the best director sunbae and we also held many meetings with the members and the staff of Leessang Company. After much thought, we decided to make the best blockbuster concert in Korea with the best sound, stage, lighting and service that would not be put to shame even overseas, and so decided to charge for the tickets.

I believe that you already know that a free concert is difficult unless it is sponsored by a broadcasting company or a large company. Also, we believed that the profits made from it would be spent best if we donated it in front of the large audience. We had been preparing things such as car gifts and various special guests. We were thinking of what to do with the rest of the profits to reply to the people. In this aspect, we were talking big, such as building orphanages or nursing homes, setting up scholarships or a charity. We had no concrete plans, but we had a lot of fun ideas, even if we can’t show them to you anymore. I say it again, but the members did not seek to make any profit from this. We wanted to give back to the world on stage and after the concert in the ‘Infinity Challenge’ style. Leessang Company started with the same mindset, and we were preparing for the concert with a mind to put everything into it. I believed that people would understand in the end and believe in me. However, the ‘Infinity Challenge’ viewers who believed in us for a long time were confused because of the numerous negative circumstances from my decision, and I apologize. The members do not know about performance. The members do not know the stage. The members are not singers who professionally sing and dance. But the members had been practicing until now to build a stage in our own color. We were planning to return the love from our viewers in a large way to the world, and we were preparing diligently. All the decisions and proceedings were by me, and the members came here just by trusting in me. I was the one that made all the mistakes. I bow my head and apologize again. I’m writing this in hopes that the members, staff and viewers will no longer get hurt from uncountable misunderstandings and speculations. We love the ‘Infinity Challenge’ staff and viewers more than we love our family. I cannot write in words how much love we receive. The words that said the concert was not affiliated with Infinity Challenge on the company homepage meant that the concert was not a broadcast, and this was decided with the staff. But it is my mistake for not explaining it properly. Again, I’m very sorry. We decided on canceling yesterday and talked face to face until morning. The members want to start again once time passes, so I hope you can give us much strength as well. We comforted each other over a glass of soju and swore that we will work harder to make the broadcast more fun. Everyone, I really hope the members and staff are not hurt anymore. I’m very sorry to the dance team, Leessang Traveling Theater, ‘Infinity Challenge’ writers, and the Leessang Company workers that worked for months preparing for ‘Super 7′. Lastly, I will leave with a sorry heart. Gary has also decided to leave his program with a sorry heart. I have truly loved ‘Infinity Challenge’ for 3 years. I spent it being thankful for the love that I received from our viewers. Thank you.


Fellow Leessang member Gary has also decided to leave his position on variety shows following this mistake.

Leessang’s Gary to take hiatus from variety shows?

Leessang‘s Gary has announced that he will be taking a hiatus from the variety show world to focus on music as well as his company, Leessang Company.

He tweeted on September 21 KST, “In order to put more of my energy into Leessang Company and music concerts, I’ve decided to take a hiatus from participating on variety shows. I apologize for the sudden notice without any warning. I’m sorry.”

A representative from his agency Jungle Entertainment stated, “We don’t know any details yet. He seems to be having a hard time. His hiatus from variety shows and related issues have not been confirmed. We will be speaking to Gary first.”

Many of you may know Gary from SBS‘ ‘Running Man‘. The head producer of the show also commented, “We haven’t heard anything about it.”

Source: AKP x, x and Gary and Gil's twitters
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