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Get your Omonas ready, it's Kpop gossip time!!

Disclaimer: This is a rumour and a gossip post so take everything with a pinch of salt, it's all fun even if it's at the expense of your favs. So remember raging on the internet only hurts your keyboard, noone else.


Onew is considering leaving the music business he’s tired of it and ready to move on with his life. Has suffered depression, and even attempted suicide. Prior to SHINee’s comeback Onew missed several performances and SM came out with a story that he was sick/injured, but K-MVPs didn’t buy it and come to find out Onew beat up a member of SHINee (believed to be Jonghyun or Key as interation between these two are very little of any) so SM had Onew take a break from the group. He had a hard past and is the most mature member of SHINee

Taemin is pretty bratty, he’s a nice kid but he knows people will cater to his every whim, also he likes to have sex with foreign girls when promoting overseas. Key is gay but plays the bisexual card (because that’s somewhat better than being gay in Korea), Jonghyun and Minho don’t hang out with the other members off camera. Give SHINee 2-3 years and they’ll disband or Onew will leave first.

Miss A:

They are not as 
close as you’d like to believe, off camera Min, Jia, & Fei do not interact with Suzy. Min is depressed because her and the others hard work and talents aren’t recognized. Suzy is the odd one out in the group but Min, Jia and Fei are close with one another.


Siwon and Kyuhyun are gay, Heechul isnt and he’s actually the real leader of SUJU. Kangin is done with the idol lifestyle he wants out, ki bum will never return to the group as he got into a physical fight with a member. Eunhae is not real, they love women, Eunhyuk has dated uee from AS and G.NA and Donghae has dated Yoona. Jealousy and attention for the spotlight runs deep within the group. Not on good terms with BB, the only member on friendly terms with BB is Heechul, so don’t expect any interaction between these two groups.


KKS realized his mistake by adding Dani and Areum, so long before the scandal he already planned getting rid of Hwayoung. Hwayoung was never seen as a true member of T-ARA so she often ate with staff members and not the other members.


SM is nervous about them right now, they didn’t meet their expectations as SM put alot of money into these boys. SM sees groups groups like Busker Busker & BAP as a huge threat to EXO right now, so expect another round of expensive, over top teaser clips and MVs to get the public interested in them again. Exo-k members are not close with one another Kai & Suho are often known for theyre bad attitudes. Chanyeol’s “happy virus” act is just that he’s really quiet & cold off camera, he just knows how to play up the fanservice. EXO-M members are very close on the other hand & the Chinese members were bullied and harassed during their trainee days.


JYP knows he made a huge mistake in sending them to the US, now he has no clue how to make them a top group again. As a group the girls lost their confidence because of the amount of popularity they lost over the years. Sohee did date GD in the past and Yubin & Yenny are the friendliest members of the group.


All of them except Seohyun have received PS, her and Hyoyeon are the friendliest members. Sunny’s aegyo persona is all an act truthfully she’s quiet and a bit rude off camera, her and Sooyoung are the ruder members along with Jessica. Taeyeon, Yoona, Jessica & Sooyoung have dated some SUJU and/or 2pm members. Yuri is bi and a party animal, she frequently parties with BB and some 2pm members, but keeps her friendship with BB quiet as SM hates BB with a passion. Tiffany and Nickhun are dating.


One of the few idol groups that gives the impression “What you see is what you get” they love to party and drink (except Daesung, he keeps to himself) GD, TY & SG can be found in various clubs in Hongdae with Yuri and 2pm members. With 2NE1, they’re pretty enjoyable to work with very little secrets among them as as a group.

(also my own tidbit, I read Traeyhardyang and Daesung have moved in with Seungri to stop all the loving lol) 

After School:

Like SUJU the need and want for spotlight runs deep within this group. Many idols are intimidated by Kahi even senior groups tend to avoid her in some cases.


Lucky that Khuntoria was so popular to keep them relevant with the general public. SM is preparing for a new girl group so don’t expect anything good from f(x) anytime soon , just like how SM tossed SHINee aside with EXOs debut expect the same with f(x). Krystal and Sulli are very insecure and rude but Luna, Amber and Victoria are very humble and sweet to work with. Krystal and Minho did date for a bit, Luna has a huge crush on Onew but it’s not reciprocated, Amber is straight and has dated male idols and Victoria has dated Changmin & Zhou Mi.


Yunho is SM’s golden boy obedient, loyal & he is gay. He will never come out so he will end up marrying a woman to keep a good image. JYJ has little chance of winning their case against SM, the Korean gov’t recognizes how much SM contributed to Kpop so JYJ has the short end of the stick in this case. YH dated Kahi from AS & Jaejoong is straight.

Random stuff:

Idols do use drugs to keep themselves awake, with busy schedules, constant diets & at the most 2-3 hours of sleep no one can remain awake or in good health.

The idol world is filled with jealousy and pride, you won’t see too many top idol groups hanging with one another. On camera everyone acts all “buddy buddy” with one another when off camera only a handful of idols from different groups interact in a friendly manner. Many groups don’t associate with other outside their company or even their own group.

A good amount of girl group idols are underweight, don’t believe the act “Oh I eat alot teehee” companies watch what goes into these girls mouths like a hawk.

SM really does hate BB and YG, even if some SM artists like them, their music or are close friends with them they know to never mention it out loud within the company.

Source: Kpopsecrets

I know the source is Kpopsecrets but it's really been compiled from around the web so i hope mods will allow it. 

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