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Tony An reminisces of the past and a heated fight between H.O.T. and Sechskies fans

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Former H.O.T. member Tony An reminisced back to the ‘bloody fight’ between fans of H.O.T and Sechskies.

During an interview on tvN‘s ‘Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside‘ that took place on the 2nd, Tony An recalled a past story and said, “I saw the fans [H.O.T. and Sechskies] hitting each other with umbrellas, and honestly, I was a bit frightened.” The ‘battle’ had taken in front of the theater where the Golden Disk ceremony had occurred.

He also discussed forming JTL after H.O.T disbanded. With the mains vocals H.O.T., Kangta and Moon Hee Jun out of the group, they received much criticism for attempting to produce any songs without proper vocals.

He stated, “I felt the name H.O.T would be ridiculed if we broke down there. I thought that the three of us should work hard just for the sake of the name.”

He has now become a record producer, started his own label (TN Entertainment), and has even finished his enlistment duties. He said, “I have to make a lot of money because of the staff that stayed with me for over 10 years.” He also talked about SMASH, a group that he produced. He teared up and said, “I really want them to do well. They’re very diligent, good kids. I’m ashamed that I thought of giving up on them even once.“

Source: allkpop

Glad to see that Tony isn't giving up on SMASH. But what ever happened to the other idol group he was gonna produce?
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