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This is H2media.

We would first like to say sorry to all MYgirls.
MYNAME’s 2nd single album that was slated to be released in the beginning of October has been pushed back.

We are preparing a lot and putting in effort to show the fans a much better image,
and to show you songs with better quality and a more perfect performance,
the album and digital sales release, as well as the comeback stages have been postponed.

To the MYgirls who were anticipating and cheering for MYNAME’s 2nd single album,
we bow our heads and apologize.
We promise all those who are disappointed that we will come back with a better image in the shortest time possible.

As soon as the exact comeback date is confirmed, we will let MYgirls be the first to know.

Also, to all the MYgirls who participated in MYNAME’s 2nd single album group order this time,
please check the ‘Group order refund 공동구매 환불’ message board in the fancafe
and following the information given, we will quickly refund you the money when you request for it.

Once again, we’re sorry.
All the staff at H2media and all the MYNAME members will repay your anticipation with a much better image.

Thank You.

source: H2M through MYNAME's fancafe
translations: mynamesg

here's a .gif of Chaejin hip thrusting to help lighten the mood of this post
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