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Girls' Generation to release 6th single, 2nd album in Japan

Girls’ Generation will release their sixth Japanese single, titled “FLOWER POWER”, on November 14th. Following the successful releases of “PAPARAZZI” and the Japanese version of “Oh!” in Japan this past year, fans can now look forward to another single in just over a month. Along with the news of its release, “FLOWER POWER” was also revealed to have lyrics that will demonstrate the “sexy” side of Girls’ Generation, contrary to the single’s title.  The lyrics describe the strategic moves between a man and a woman on the dance floor and are sung with the sound and light of a glitzy atmosphere. The song will be a dance number with a flowing baseline in 4/4 time with a sexy chorus line. The promotional picture for “FLOWER POWER”, shown above, has the girls trying to escape searchlights.

In addition to “FLOWER POWER”, Girls’ Generation’s sixth single will also feature a track titled “Beep Beep”, as well as a “digest medley” of songs from Girls’ Generation’s second Japanese album. The second Japanese album will not contain “Beep Beep”, and the track will only be available on the “FLOWER POWER” single.

Along with the news of the release of “FLOWER POWER” on November 14th, it was revealed that Girls’ Generation’s second Japanese album will be available two weeks later on November 28th.  The title of this second Japanese album is yet to be announced. The second Japanese album will come in three editions: a deluxe first press edition, a first press limited edition, and a regular CD edition.

“FLOWER POWER” Single Tracklist:

2. Beep Beep
3. Untitled (song medley from second Japanese album)

Sources: Music Japan7netshopping
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Contributor: arghninja@soshified

Looking forward to all of this! And SM, could you please put Hikkup on the album because I'VE BEEN BEGGING FOR ALMOST A YEAR NOW AND I'M GETTING TIRED OF YOUR SHIT.

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