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TVXQ to perform “Catch Me’ and “I Don’t Know” for first comeback stage on ‘Music Bank’

TVXQ is gearing up for their first “Catch Me” comeback stage on ‘Music Bank‘!

Having recently released their sixth album, ‘Catch Me’, the duo are ready to kick start promotions with their first comeback performance on October 5th. The boys will be performing two special stages, including their title track and “I Don’t Know“. Fans have already come up with a variety of fun nicknames for the various point dances in their choreography like the ‘hulk dance’, ‘mirror dance’, and the ‘dragon dance’, so many are interested in seeing the choreography performed live.

“I Don’t Know” will show a smoother contrast to the title track with a powerful vocal rhythm that brings out another side to the two men.

Ahead of their comeback, TVXQ stated, “As we are returning to the stage with a brand new song and concept, we’ll work hard to show what we’ve prepared to as many people as possible. Please give our new song a lot of love and support our activities.”

Following ‘Music Bank’, TVXQ is also slated for performances on ‘Music Core‘ and ‘Inkigayo‘.

source: allkpop

I kind of figured they would perform IDK since they already have a dance for it, but I hope they'll sing one of their ballad songs on one of the other programs too
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