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Duble Sidekick and Kim Tae Woo release “When I Look at Myself” MV


Duble Sidekick, one of the hottest producer teams of 2012, have released a project under their own name!

Duble Sidekick is comprised of rapper Park Jang Geun and One Way‘s Chance. Together, they’ve created some of the biggest chart-topping hits this year, and now they’ve teamed up with singer Kim Tae Woo for a ballad release of their own.

Titled “When I Look at Myself“, the single uses an R&B base with acoustic rhythms and a gut-wrenching emotional tone that will elicit tears from any listener. The song aims to bring out a softer side to Kim Tae Woo’s usually husky and powerful voice to express the pains of a man going through heartache.

Representatives of Duble Sidekick explained earlier, “We have several more collaborations with top artists to be released after Kim Tae Woo. It will be one of the biggest line-ups out of all of the project albums in Korean music history. Although we can’t release them all at this very moment, we hope you’ll continue to look forward to them.”

source: allkpop
Tags: kim tae woo, music video

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