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Tony An on 'Answer Me 1997'


Singer Tony An reveals his thoughts on watching ‘Answer Me 1997’.

On the cable channel TvN’s ‘Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside – Answer Me Legend of the 90s’ which aired on the 2nd, H.O.T member Tony An made a guest appearance and revealed his thoughts on the popular drama ‘Answer Me 1997’ that just recently ended its run.

Tony An started with “Even though I didn’t act in the drama myself, recently people have been coming up to me saying that they enjoyed watching the drama.” He revealed “Although I’ve met many fans during our activities, but it was through the program that I found out about our fans’ life stories and their backgrounds. I was very touched.”

MC Baek Ji Yeon asked “What are your thoughts on the drama’s An Seung Bu In? [Tony Ahn's Korean name Ahn Seung-ho + wife]” Tony An answered “I thought, wouldn’t there have been countless An Seung Bu Ins at that point in time? Yet now, they have all moved from being my wife to getting married and being someone else’s wife.”, showing his regret.

Tony An also revealed an episode about the fanwars between Sechs Kies and H.O.T fans.

Source: tvdaily
Translated by: sparkskey
Tags: h.o.t, tony an

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