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Skarf’s Tasha chosen as ‘Vega R3′ endorsement model


Girl group Skarf’s leader Tasha has been chosen as Vega R3‘s new endorsement model.

Tasha, the Singaporean member of the group, will be promoting Pantec’s new VEGA phone line. The commercial features the leader moonwalking in rhythm to the DJ’s music with a phone, still charging, to her ear. The VEGA R3′s biggest asset is reported to be its super fast charging speed.

During filming, Tasha impressed the staff and other dancers with her moonwalk skills. They didn’t spare any compliments about the idol, commenting on her professionalism and her dedication.

A representative of Skarf stated, “I believe that Skarf’s effort to learn dancesport, popping, and many different genres of dance has come in handy. Also, I believe that their efforts and dedication have brought about this great opportunity.”


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