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JYP Sends a Belated Congrats to PSY on His Success


On October 5, JYP wrote on his twitter congratulation PSY on his worldwide success, “Jae Sang, I just heard about your news today after spending my time away from Korea without a cell phone or internet connection. What in the world is going on! I did an interview cheering you on and wishing you to succeed with ‘Gangnam Style‘ two weeks ago, just before I left Korea. And now that song is ranked at the second place on the billboards chart! How could you accomplish something other people have prepared for years in just a month? Congratulations! Your life is full of drama! I’ll give you a call as soon as I get a cell phone again.

Psy responded to JYP also on twitter, “Hyung! When are we going to see each other? Hurry up and get a cell phone. And call me brother!” Netizens commented on Psy and JYP’s friendship, “I never thought the two of them were good friends,” and “JYP must be a little bit jealous of Psy and his success.”

Meanwhile, Psy accomplished the first place on both the US and UK iTunes charts. Currently, he is ranked at the second place on the Billboards chart.

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