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121007 I Am A Singer 2

Guckkasten - Alone (orig. Sistar) 

Sinawe - Gangnam Style (orig. Psy)

Lee Young Hyun - 가시 (orig. Buzz)

Kim Yeon Woo - 중독된 사랑 (orig. Jo Jang Hyuk)

Han Young Ae - 바람기억 (orig. Naul) (omg just listen to the original. sorry to say but this doesn't even compete)

Jo Jang Hyuk - 소리쳐 (orig. Lee Seung Chul)

Source: ent_kim@YT, TheBabysteps33@YT 

Most of the perfs are meh but you have to check out Guckkasten's and Sinawe's. Guckkasten came first place with their Sistar cover! Ugh so amazing. Better than the original imo. And Sinawe's Gangnam Style cover was pretty awesome as well! Kim Bada sounded so amazing, omg. (And it features everyone's fav Shaun from The Koxx) 
Tags: psy, sistar, tv shows

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