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May Queen OST - Sonya's "Goodbye to Romance" FINALLY released & ratings

"May Queen" is leading "Five Fingers".

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the sixteenth episode of "May Queen" rated 17.4%. This is almost the same as the fourteenth episode.

"Five Fingers" which is competing at the same time,s topped at 8.4%. This is 1.8% less than the 10.2% on the previous day.

"May Queen" seems to be very much in the lead with the percentage showing an increase nearly twice as much.

"May Queen" and "Five Fingers" started at the same time and flipped on and off but gradually went apart with "May Queen" in victory.

Sources : msmall92 @youtube and newsen(orignal article) and Hancinema
this is the most beautiful drama ost i have ever heard p.s. she's can't love u like i do chang hee oppa
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