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Kyu-Line Love + TVXQ tops Hanteo’s album sales charts for two weeks in a row

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun revealed a couple picture with TVXQ‘s Changmin.

On October 8th, Kyuhyun tweeted, “A picture from 2 years ago…kekeke Throwing it for Chang’s fans to get really jealous…kekeke ” and uploaded the above picture. The picture showed Kyuhyun smiling brightly as Changmin looked like he was about to kiss him on the cheeks.

After seeing the cute picture, the fans commented, “Kyuhyun and Changmin are so cute“, “Look at Changmin’s sharp nose“, “Kyuhyun looks very happy“, and “This is the ChangKyu couple?

Meanwhile, TVXQ recently made their long anticipated comeback with “Catch Me.”

Source & Image: Kyuhyun’s Twitter | akp

TVXQ tops Hanteo’s album sales charts for two weeks in a row

TVXQ is putting their power on full display with their comeback album, ‘Catch Me‘!

Two weeks into its release since September 26th, ‘Catch Me’ has been ranked first on Hanteo and various other album sales charts for two consecutive weeks. Currently, the album is also topping real time and daily album charts, demonstrating the explosive interest in TVXQ’s comeback.

Having made their comeback on stage last week, the duo has done well in captivating everyone with exceptional performance skills and charisma, further adding to the craze behind their popularity.

Netizens who’ve been watching over their comeback stages commented, “Definitely TVXQ”, “I can trust whatever I watch when it’s TVXQ”, and “Their stages are only possible because it’s TVXQ. I don’t even dare to blink in case I miss something”.

source: akp

And since apparently this is a thing that people actually believe, no, Catch Me is not flopping. In fact, it's currently selling better than KYHD, which was the top-selling album of the first half of 2011. You can check the numbers out here
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