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Overflowing with fresh charisma - their first original Japanese tune is out!

'Dazzling Girl' is your first original Japanese single release.
Jonghyun: This time, it's not just the music that's from Japan, but our clothing, music video staff, and make-up artists as well, so it feels as though we're working in a totally new environment. We have gotten a lot of good experience from it. We hope to try it once more if given the opportunity again.

The piano melody and dance beats in 'Dazzling Girlcompliment each other. It's a refreshing, happy tune.
Taemin: It's a really happy song. In relation to its title, I think it's a perfect melody to display the emotion of the skipping heartbeat. The tempo is quite fast, so we wonder if everyone will also feel that very skip of their heartbeat while they listen to our music.

The lyrics 'Dazzling Girl' = 'A girl who dazzles' and it carries the excitement of finally turning into your dream. What do you think of it personally?
Taemin: I have the same impression of the lyrics and the melody. 'Dazzling Girl' means a girl who 'shines bright', and the lyrics express having our first love with that girl, so we will sing it with a bright attitude.
Jonghyun: There's a line which goes "Is this it? Is this love?" so I decided to express the honest emotion of having met the girl and getting that ecstatic feeling.
Key: This time, we managed to work out and sing in English and Japanese without having much knowledge of the languages. It's a happy rhythm where Minho and I rapped the part of "Yes, I only belong to you. Boom boom boom pow!!" It's my favorite phrase.

What's the main point of the dance?
Onew: The way when we bounce and hop around is very memorable for me.
Taemin: There are a lot of memorable points for me, so it's a lot easier to remember the whole thing. The choreography is interesting and it goes perfectly well with the lyrics. It's also the first time we've collaborated with the Japanese dance team s**t kingz but we've learned a lot from them since it's the way we usually express ourselves and the choreography are clearly different.

What is your favorite scene from the music video?
Onew: When we put together an outfit for the girl, took her photos and had her drawn out in several different pretty poses. Each member had different roles, so please look forward to it.

This is in regards to the lyrics. In each of your minds, who exactly is your 'Dazzling Girl' = 'A girl who dazzles'?
Jonghyun: A girl with a beautiful heart.
Taemin: This is a question about our ideal types, right? Hmmm, I guess a girl who makes my heart skip a beat the first time we meet.
Onew: A girl who makes me fall in love at first sight and girls who have pretty hands.
Key: Someone who makes a lot of noise with me (laughs).

(laughs) Moving on, the next song 'Run With Me' has a beautiful melody with a mid-fast tempo.
Jonghyun: The melody for this is really beautiful and the sound is extremely fresh. I get good vibes whenever I listen to it.

The lyrics speak to a weak person to reach out for your hand and the two of you will step into the future. What is your personal opinion on it?
Jonghyun: There's a phrase that goes "Take my hand, run run run with me," but I envision basically anyone when they are in a sticky situation. For us, we get through tough times with the support of our families and friends. We definitely hope that our song will be everyone's support.

Let's change the topic. Please tell us what drama or game you are into these days.
Taemin: I really like the show Minho acted in before called 'Salamander Guru and The Shadows'.
Key: I've been watching the American drama 'Desperate Housewives'.
Minho: (The soccer game) Winning Eleven! Forever 'Winning Eleven'! (laughs)
Jonghyun: I like Minho's drama 'For You In Full Blossom'. It's really interesting. Waiting for it each week is a really long time (laughs).

Minho is starring in 'For You In Full Blossom', so could we hear of some problems or memorable moments from the episodes?
Minho: I was really nervous since it's my first main role. Although I had problems with my acting, I still tried and persevered. The hot summer was spent in hotter conditions. The hardest part was actually befriending the dog. There were scenes in the drama where I'd be with the dog. I guess the hardest thing is to be good friends with animals (laughs).

Did the members say anything after watching the drama?
Minho: Everyone watched it and said it was really interesting. I was glad to be praised for my acting. But I still get comments of how "embarrassing" it is occasionally (laughs).

Do you have anything to say after watching Minho's drama?
Taemin: He's really handsome (laughs).
Onew: It's like seeing the real Minho who gives off a feeling of stability (laughs).
Jonghyun: Minho looks really good on camera (laughs). Since we also know the mischievous Minho, we laughed at quite a lot. But he has been practicing passionately and I've been wondering if he'll continue to mature as he goes into the line of actors.

Then if all of SHINee were to act in a school drama, who will get which character role?
Jonghyun: Minho would be that all-around athletic jock. Taemin would be the school's most popular kid. I'd be the guy in the school band.
Taemin: If I were to play the cute student, it'd be what everyone expected so it wouldn't be interesting. That's why I hope I'd get a interesting or impressionable character.
Onew: I think I will get the dull student-teacher role in school (laughs).
Jonghyun: Key seems like he'll fit the role of an art teacher (laughs).

(laughs) Lastly, do you have any messages for the Japanese fans who listen to 'Dazzling Girl'?
Taemin: We hope that everyone will love 'Dazzling Girl' more as the date approaches. We will do our best to bring our great music to everyone, so please support the growing SHINee. We look forward to meeting everyone at our next live!

Source: Excite
Translated by: ryokimayuu @shineee.net

Tags: interview, overseas activities, shinee

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