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Worst idea ever: U-KISS announces South American tour

U-KISS has announced that they’ll be holding a tour in South America!

According to U-KISS’ official Facebook, the group will stop by Peru on November 1st and Chile on November 3rd. The announcement stated:

“Hello KISSmes♥. We’re gonna have our 1st South America tour at Peru & Chile. 1st show is in Peru at 1st November & 2nd show is in Chile at 2nd November. Nowadays so many fans in Europe & Asia are showing us too big love, So we are very glad that many South American fans love us as well & very expecting that you’ll show us your big passion & love. Even this is our 1st South America tour ever. So we sincerely hope that we can meet so many fans in South America through this tour! Please show your big love to U-KISS!”

Though it’s not the first time U-KISS will be performing in South America, this is the first time the group will be touring there.

Are KissMes excited?!

src: allkpop

Allow OP to explain why this is SUCH A BAD IDEA.
Nov 2th - MuBank in Chile

Nov 14th - Big Bang in Peru
Meaning fans here are broke as hell. I wonder why U-KISS' management rushed the dates so much. I really hope they get good sales at both concert. Though I'm indifferent towards the boys, I don't want to see them flop :-(

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