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Singer and former audition program contestant accused of assaulting high school students


Audition program contestant and singer, who is being referred to as ‘A‘ (30), was recently booked without detention for assaulting a group of high school students.

On October 11th, the Chungnam Police received a report from a high school student B (17) who claimed that he and his friend had been assaulted outside of a convenience store at around 2 a.m. KST on September 18th. ‘A’ had allegedly punched him multiple times in the face.

Regarding the claim, ‘A’ explained that he had been in Chungju with four of his seniors who had all been walking on the streets after having drinks when they came across the students. A fight broke out between the two parties when their paths crossed. According to ‘A’, “The road was narrow and the students passed through us, bumping our shoulders. They kept going without apologizing so I assaulted them out of anger.”

‘A’ claimed that he had not been drinking at the time. Because the students weren’t seriously injured, they booked ‘A’ without detention.
‘A’ previously appeared on an audition program in 2010 and contracted with an agency last year before releasing a debut single.

Source: Allkpop, Star News via Nate
Tags: court / legal issues, crime, scandals

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