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Psy shows gratitude to his staff with expensive gifts


Amidst the whirlwind that has become the “Gangnam Style” craze, Psy recently showed his gratitude to his choreographer and manager by treating them to lavish gifts.

Psy thanked the mastermind behind the ‘horse dance’, Lee Joo Sun, by gifting him with a mid-sized car. The 3000cc sedan was gifted to his choreographer who is also the director of the ‘Mania‘ dance team in South Korea. The two have had a history since 2004, and the “Gangnam Style” craze wouldn’t have been possible without him.

He also surprised his manager of 12 years by offering to pay for all of his wedding expenses. Psy’s manager, Hwang Gyu Wan, has helped Psy through the ups and downs of his singing career since 2001. To thank his loyal manager, Psy offered to pay for his upcoming wedding this November. Psy is set to sing the congratulatory song as well.

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