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C-Clown’s Maru named the new male maknae of the industry

It seems there’s a new maknae in town!

The title of the industry’s maknae was originally taken by 1996er B.A.P.‘s Zelo, but with the debut of C-Clown in July, the title has now been transferred to the group’s very own maknae, Maru.

Born on September 25th, 1997, Maru is currently 15 years old (16 in Korean). Don’t let his youthful looks fool you, though, as he was previously praised by Kan Mi Yeon for having maturity beyond his years. C-Clown had previously guested on MBC FM4U‘s ‘Kan Mi Yeon’s Close Friend‘ where it was noted that Maru was born on the same year Kan Mi Yeon had debuted under Baby V.O.X.

Kan Mi Yeon expressed, “He’s really young but his speech is clear and the way he talks makes him sound very mature. He actually seems like the oldest in the group.”

Yedang Entertainment added, “Maru is still going through puberty so we have to deal with a lot of problems like his skin breaking out from all of the make up he needs for TV. As he’s still young and growing, the other five members are also worried about him soon surpassing them in height.”

source: akp 

This article is kinda random considering they debuted 3 months ago.
I am not looking forward to post-2000 babies being idols.

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