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Woori sheds tears as she talks about Rainbow’s inactivity

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Rainbow‘s Woori shed tears as she talked about her group.

She was a guest on the October 12th episode ‘Go Show‘, and talked about the difficulties that Rainbow had faced. She revealed, “We haven’t put out an album in over a year. The other Rainbow members have been practicing for a year. There are so many idols now that we have no place to stand,” and burst into tears. She continued to say, “The Rainbow members are all so nice, and they all supported me coming onto ‘Go Show’.”

On the same show last week, Woori had also confessed that Rainbow members still use public transportation because of monetary issues, and that they hadn’t won first place even though they debuted more than 3 years ago.

Hopefully things will look up for them after their hinted comeback!

source: allkpop

idk what DSpoor is doing...A-JAX and Puretty's debuts were huge failures and it's safe to say Rainbow got shafted because of them.
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