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B1A4 Star Column Interview Part 3/4

After debuting last year with their first album Let’s Fly and a fresh youthful image, they have successfully secured themselves with 110,000 hardcore fans with short gaps in between their successive albums. Within 1 year, they have been receiving an unusual amount of unconditional love much like popular idol groups. B1A4 consists of 1 member with blood type B and 4 members with blood type A. In the time that their column was published, it has received support from countless fans. That’s why B1A4 is thrilled. They have magnificent stage presence and unwavering vocal abilities, but in other places they are definitely teens in their 20s. B1A4′s behind-the-scenes stories will now be handed over to Sandeul from Baro.

I’m taking over from Baro. It is pressurizing on me but I will start with the confidence that I can do it too. I’ll talk about our special hobbies. I will skip those that are related to music, and talk about other stoires instead.

# Baro’s Hand

Whenever we’re waiting or practicing, Baro will doodle whenever he has some time. Then he will rip and throw the doodle as if it is nothing at all. Whenever I see his drawing, it makes me wonder ‘what exactly is this person thinking about?’. He is good at doodling, but the ideas that he shows through his drawing surprises me all the time.

Things that Baro often draw and draw well are the faces of the members, or characters of us. He catches the most unimportant characteristics of ours sharply and puts them into characters. On the other hand, there have been times where the members take revenge on him by exaggerating the drawings of his character.

For example, drawing a squirrel with front teeth are as large as its body with an gross long tail. Other times, the character would have the face of a squirrel, and Baro’s body – with abs, and rippling muscles all over the body. It might sound childish, but it improves our imagination skills so it’s not too bad.

There are some restaurants that we go to where there are walls for the customers to doodle on, and Baro will never miss the chance (to doodle). There was once we went to a BBQ place and there was a wall for customers to doodle on. As soon as he finished eating, Baro found a pen from somewhere and started drawing the characters of the 5 members (fox, bear, duck, squirrel and puppy) at the highest spot of the wall with the theme ‘B1A4 Animal Farm’. The way he expressed us so similarly through the drawing in one shot without stopping made me think, “As expected, it’s Baro”.

There was once that Baro drew the character of our company representative and got scolded. The reason was because he caught the characteristics (of the representative) too well. The representative got angry and said, “Do I look like that?”. It was an ironic situation of being scolded despite the drawing coming out well. Haha

Sandeul’s eyes

I like taking photos, so I always bring my camera with me wherever I go. I like that we are able to record the bright days and the precious times in life. I like that even as time passes by, looking these photographs will remind me of past memories.

As Baro said in Part 1 – ‘we live feeding on memories’. I like it to that extent that we can chit chat about old memories as they come to mind. These chit-chats are about the greater part of the pictures that has not been written down. We fall into a deep conversation of ‘We were like that then…’, ‘What did we do here?’ while looking at these pictures, not knowing that time is passing by.

Up until not too long ago, I was in love with the charms of Polaroids, carrying it around everywhere to take pictures. The targets of my camera shutter are the members, the staffs around us and self-portraits.

I think the charm of the Polaroid is the excitement of the few minutes while waiting for the film to develop, and that it is the only one in the world. I also think that it’s amazing that we are able to share these memories with the members and the people around us by gifting to them the Polaroid.

Recently I purchased a digital camera and I’ve been taking more pictures with it. It has a different charm from what the Polaroid offers. You can select from various modes, and adjust the brightness, color, focus and shutter speed settings. With that, one is able to take different kinds of pictures with one background – that is its charm.

Honestly, I have only been using the digital camera for a short while so there are many things I do not know and need to learn. Recently I’ve been getting to know what I did not know about the camera, and the learning process is interesting. I am satisfied whenever I manage to take something different.

I do not only take photographs of people – recently I have been photographing sceneries and objects too, and of fans who come to see us. I would like to show my photographs of our fans on Star Column too, but the fans have potrait rights too so I’ll just end it off with my thoughts.

Ever since I found interest in photography, there have been times I want to just leave with my camera and go on a holiday alone. I want to leave my daily life and spend some time with myself, and capture whatever I see and feel there with my camera. I think the feelings captured by a photograph would be huge sources of strength in the future.

# ‘Competitive’ B1A4

If you talk about B1A4, there is no way you can leave out being competitive. Different from how we look, we are really competitive. The first time I truly felt the competitiveness of the members was when we played arm wrestling not long after I joined the group. We bet on dish-washing and cleaning.

We might look kind, but when the game starts there are only fierce stares and fires in our eyes. I was also surprised at how surprisingly strong Jinyoung hyung was because I assumed he’d be the easiest opponent. It was a fact that I who entered the team late did not know about – Jinyoung hyung goes hand in hand with ‘amazing right arm’.

The power of Jinyoung hyung’s ‘amazing right arm’ increases twofold when he arm wrestles. No one can win him. Jinyoung hyung once told us that no one in his class could win him in arm wrestling when he was in high school.

Whenever we play arm wrestling, the final round will be between the hyungs. And the winner will always be Jinyoung hyung. A few hours would not even be enough to talk about Jinyoung hyung’s competitiveness. To be able to do well in sports that he hadn’t learnt before, such as archery and fencing, is most likely attributed to his competitiveness.

After living together for so long, we all know that including myself, the members hate to lose more than to die. And this competitiveness will lead to betting amongst ourselves.

When we practice, there are days we match well and there are days we don’t. On days we don’t, we make bets in order to increase our concentration. Whoever makes a mistake in the middle will have to buy supper snacks – chicken, pizza, pig trotters etc. Surprisingly, the moment the bet was set, no one got the parts we did not match well wrong. Because of our personalities that display our competitiveness and the smallest details whenever we make bets, the end results usually ends up positive.

The biggest bet between ourselves recently was the bet of Baro’s laptop between himself and JInyoung hyung. In the recent Idol Olympics, Jinyoung hyung was selected as a player for fencing – it worried us as Jinyoung hyung had never done fencing before.

At this time, Baro said that he’d propose a bet to Jinyoung hyung by working up his competitiveness so that he would achieve good results. He said that he’d give Jinyoung hyung his own laptop if he won a gold model in fencing. Jinyoung hyung’s laptop had just broken down then, so he accepted the bet and won over Baro. Jinyoung hyung obtained a gold medal through sheer competitiveness. Baro hugged his laptop and even said farewell to it, but Jinyoung hyung showed generosity by changing the bet into giving away his mouse instead of his laptop. From then on, Baro never came up with such insane bets like involving his laptop. Instead, he bets on purchasing our favourite convenience store pig trotters.

Recently, there has been a table tennis table put in our practice room that we’ve been using as a bet. We use table tennis to determine the order of showering, and seating allocations in the car for the next day’s schedule. There are occasions where there are ties, or out of sympathy that we void the results and decide by rock-paper-scissors instead. We really play table tennis with all our hearts.

We have days where we start and end it with bets. The bets are usually minor, like getting to choose the menu or buying drinks. ‘Betting’ may be a negative noun, but in our situation, it is nothing major. It has a positive effect on us, working to increase concentration, or changing our moods. I believe we will continue making interesting bets like these in the future too.

I was thinking if I should title Part 3 as ‘The things B1A4 enjoy’. I was worried about which stories I should reveal so that it’d be interesting for everyone to read. I hope that as you read from Part 1 up to Part 3, you are able to know more about us. I wanted to deliver our serious, yet not too light stories to everyone.

I will be talking about deeper stories in Part 4. It is time to reveal all of our inside thoughts. Just as you have been watching out for us, please look forward to the next part too…

source: naver news + glynx, Creamaya, skipfire @ via aviateb1a4

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