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Jessica Attends ‘Pink Dream Day’ Store Opening + CF

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica attended the opening of a pop-up store named “Pink Dream Day”, the start of a campaign from the producers of the “Legally Blonde” musical, PMC Productions, to support those who have recently left school and have begun to enter society.

This campaign, known as “Pinking of Your Dream”, will continue until mid-March of 2013. Proceeds from the campaign will go to “The Open Closet”, a non-profit organization.
Other members of the “Legally Blonde” cast were also in attendance at the opening. “Pink Dream Day” will be open for four days at the FRONTROW Flagship Store in Singa-dong in Seoul.

How do you feel about joining the musical?

Jessica: I have been cast in “Legally Blonde” again and this production touched me and it’s a very fun production. I am glad to be here again.

Jessica went on to compliment the ability of her co-stars in the musical.

Jessica's new CF for Banila Co.

Source: Soshified | Soshified #2 | Jessica at Pink Dream Day Store - YouTube | Banila Co CF
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