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R.I.P @avicii
I'm very sad to hear the news of Avicii's passing.
He wrote the tracks for the song Animal, which was a single in my first solo album.
It was a privilige to work with him.

Avicii produced the song "Animal" for Jokwons first album, which was released in 2012.

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Several groups' contracts will be ending this year and next year. Among them, there are groups with uncertain future, successful groups, and groups who might not be satisfied with the companies they're working under.

Find out which groups' contracts will be ending soon.

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In your opinion, which groups are going to renew?

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!!! this is a nice surprise!!!!
2:26 pm - 04/21/2018

180420 Music Bank

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]


'What Is Love?'


'Blooming Day'

Digital Sales (디지덜 음원 점수) 4634 2115
Viewers Choice (시청자 전호도 점수) 0 0
Broadcast Score (방송 점수) 2853 577
Physical Album Sales (음반 점수) 1848 4491
Final Total 9335 7183

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Yubin recently took part in a photo shoot and interview with Cosmopolitan for their May issue, where she talked about her upcoming solo album, how proud she is of the other Wonder Girls members, and her regrets.

During the interview portion, the former Wonder Girls member shared that the biggest thing she thinks about these days is the solo album she is working on. She explained, “It’s my first solo album since debut, so I have a lot of worries. I think the past year has been a time for myself to study and find a color that fits me.”

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I hope when she says solo album she actually means mini album and not just a single album.

Episode 3:
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Jang Kiha, Loco, Jeong Sewoon, Koo JuNe (iKON), Kim Minseok

Kang Daniel (Wanna One), Lee YiKyung

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Wanna One - Beautiful
Chungha - Rollercoaster
Momoland - Bboom Bboom
JBJ - Flower
Red Velvet - Bad boy
TWICE - Likey
Sunmi - Heroine

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