He looks great as a blond, and the dancing is awesome. Props to him for hitting 1M in 48 hours

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Their “Fake Love” music video reached 100 million views on YouTube at approximately 2:45 a.m. KST on May 27. As it was originally released on May 18 at 6 p.m. KST, this means that the MV hit this milestone in eight days, eight hours, and 45 minutes.


9:22 pm - 05/26/2018

Tia - No More (MV)

Tia is a former member of the disbanded group Chocolat. The song is written by Tia, the MV is directed by Amber.

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South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Saturday held a surprise meeting aimed at strengthening inter-Korean ties amid uncertainty over the future of a planned summit between the United States and North Korea.

In a text message sent to reporters, presidential chief press secretary Yoon Young-chan said the leaders of the two Koreas held a two-hour meeting at Panmungak, a North Korean building inside the border village of Panmunjeom.

The meeting came about a month after the first inter-Korean summit took place at a South Korean building inside Panmunjeom. During the meeting on Apr 27, Moon and Kim adopted a joint declaration, pledging an end to cross-border hostilities.

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The latest album from the masters of the K-pop formula is a slick, loosely thematic album about love and loss, with a stronger emphasis on rapping than ever before.

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I bolded my favourite parts (which could have been pretty much the whole thing). Really nice read. I'm a little emotional TBH. I don't always see eye to eye with Pitchfork's reviewers who tend to be supremely harsh, especially towards widely acclaimed acts, so this is a huge accomplishment in my opinion. I love this album to pieces and I'm glad it was applauded for its musical quality.

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Episodes air every weekday at 10am KST on the mobile app oksusu!

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9:45 am - 05/26/2018

180526 MBC Music Core

Winner's Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]

'Fake Love'


'Time For The Moon Night'


'What Is Love?'

Digital + Album Sales (음원 + 음반) 5356 5004 3637
MV Charts / MBC Radio Viewer Votes (동영상/MBC 라디오 시청자 위원회) 2063 948 562
Text Votes (문자 투표) 1500 67 79
Final Total 8919 6019 4278

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Jay was trying to explain himself on social media after his fans and followers pointed out that he shouldn't be working or performing with 69 (6ix9ine_ on Instagram), who is a convicted pedophile.

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