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preach, @sungjin. we love a non-body shaming king
Cross Gene released a candid official music video for 'Believe Me'

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It's really cute, also, they look so good

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Edit: Replaced Fake Love, Airplane pt. 2 and Anpanman with the official videos.

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Big WOW! Congratulations for the 2nd win!

EDIT: Adding the official video and full encore stage

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It looks so bright and cute!
I’m assuming this means they’ll release a PLAYER teaser too before the MV but they never posted a schedule for this comeback so I can only guess.

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Fruity summer princes coming soon to your next tag request post

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really just posting this to tell you all how excited I am that IT SQUEAKS!!! lmao!
also, because I saw some confusion in the last post: It's supposed to be a toy hammer, guys.. Jisoo called it the Pyong Bong.

How to use on people complaining about the design who were never going to buy it:
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