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Hello Venus radiates together with model dogs for "Life and Dogue"'s Fall Edition!

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During a fabulous appearance on the December 13 episode of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” veteran singer and actress Uhm Jung Hwa revealed which juniors she keeps up with.

Since her debut as an actress in 1992 and a singer in 1993, Uhm Jung Hwa has cemented herself as a multi-entertainer, and is known for both her music and acting. Often referred to as one of the original “sexy divas,” and “Korea’s Madonna,” she has been named as a role model for many current singers.

When Jung Hyung Don asked who which of her juniors she keeps an eye on, and thinks will be “the next sexy diva after herself,” Uhm Jung Hwa responded, “Sunmi, EXID, and Red Velvet.” She even showcased a little of Sunmi’s choreography, despite claiming that she has never practiced it.

The veteran singer also introduced her latest title track “Ending Credit,” saying, “It’s my newest track in about a year. Metaphorically similar to a movie, it talks about someone who falls in love as if it was fate, but eventually breaks up. I felt like tearing up when I heard this song.”

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it's my first post here, i hope i did alright ;;;

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Xiumin & Sehun (Pt. 2)
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2017 has been rough for actor fans. Multiple leading man, including some of Omona's faves, have enlisted into mandatory military service this year. These actors have had their fair share of great roles and awful dramas and movies. Now's a perfect time for you to discover actors you've never seen before, figure out which dramas to watch and which to avoid, and get excited for their comeback projects.

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Thanks showminomoney for the idea you gave me...10 months ago? for this post. Who are your favorite currently enlisted actors? Are you lucky enough to have a fave who has already completed their military service? 18 months until KHN is done!

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Sorry for the late roundup! Since they had their goodbye stages, this will probably be my last post this promotion round....unless big stuff happens over the weekend. Anyways, what do you think Seventeen is working on next? A debut in Japan? A repackage? Or a variety show similar to OFD? Or...a vacation?

Fourth Week Round Up

Dal Shabet members Subin, Serri, and Ah Young uploaded handwritten letters for their fans following the announcement that the three members would be leaving Happyface Entertainment.

On December 14, it was revealed that the three Dal Shabet members would be leaving Happyface Entertainment after seven years. On the following day, the members each posted a handwritten letter on their personal Instagram accounts.

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Update: Ahyoung is now under SidusHQ, in which she'll be starring in a new drama in January 2018.

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