A present to their fans the video is look behind the scenes in the prep of their comeback + the making of this song. The song features audio clips of their dads and there's a lot of crying.

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Gayageum music. It's a very meditative song.

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Singers Nam Tae Hyun and Jang Jae In are dating!

The two are currently in the final stages of filming for the upcoming tvN variety show “Studio Vibes,” and it was reported by an inside source on April 22 that they recently started dating.

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Some of the outfits for Dyonisus were... a choice. Anyway, Congrats boys on a successful comeback. I love the set for the BWL performance <3

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yo omona, don't sleep on this song! it's pretty great. i'm really digging the choreo, too.

Ahead of releasing an MV for their song 'Cat & Dog' (reportedly on April 25th though I can't find an official source for that date) BTS' little brother group have been releasing concept images with them & adorable animals all week -

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