Court allows imports of life-size sex dolls

A Seoul court has allowed the import of life-size dolls, saying such sex toys for personal use do not corrupt public morals.

According to the Seoul Administrative Court on Monday, it has recently overturned a decision by Gimpo International Airport's customs office to block the import of a mannequin.

In January 2020, a local company tried to import one sex doll from China through the airport in Gimpo, western Seoul. But the gateway's customs authorities put the entry on hold, saying that the material would harm public morals.

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But what if the dolls are only going to be used for sporting events?

source: The Korea Times

"The Uncanny Counter" confirms a season 2

OCN's hit series "The Uncanny Counter" successfully wrapped its first season Sunday, and it has been confirmed the show will return for a second season.

The finale of the first season scored the network's highest viewership rating of all time at 11 percent, surpassing the previous record set by its Jan. 10 episode ― 10.6 percent.

After the success of the series, the network decided to renew it for a second one. "We have decided to produce 'The Uncanny Counter' season two," it told local media outlets Monday. "We are still working out the details, including the timeline of the filming and broadcasting schedule."

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source: The Korea Times & The Swoon

Police demand $100,000 from parents for daycare CCTV access

The decision by Busan police to charge over 100 million won ($95,000) to parents wanting to access CCTV footage from a daycare center ― due to suspicions of child abuse ― has raised questions as to whether the financially burdensome demand was appropriate.

The parents, who have been sending their child to a state-run daycare center, recently reported to Busan Gijang Police Station their concerns that the child might have been abused at the facility and requested access to two weeks of video recordings from a surveillance camera set up there.

However, officers at the station informed the parents, Jan. 20, that they would have to pay the extravagant fee.

The money, the police explained to the parents, was to cover the cost of editing the video to censor everyone other than the parents' child to protect their privacy in accordance with the country's Privacy Act. The video could only be released in its original state if both the parents and all the people in the video agreed to allow the parents access to the uncensored version.

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source: The Korea Times

Teaser roundup featuring Hyuna & Chungha

Hyuna "I’m Not Cool" teaser pics & album sampler/tracklist

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source: OfficialPnation 1 2, CHUNGHA_MNHent 1 2
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You voted and results are in.

Some notes before we go to the results:
Double votes and votes from non-members were not counted. For the TOP 10 songs, if you had several songs from the same artist on your list, only the highest was counted. The rest of your list was then moved up. (e.g. #1 Rain #2 Hyori #3 Rain #4 JYP -> #1 Rain #2 Hyori #3 JYP). Only 2020 releases were counted.

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pic sources: thenerddaily, agemnor, storykpop, kpopmap, TiNaDo (soompi forums), captainjoongki, pinterest, PinkFlower36, aiiyanlegend, wiki, 190517sana, tenseoyong, dahyun, victonite, daharte, neocitys
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Congrats to the winners and thank you all for participating <3 Also, huge thanks to my co-hoster hyunascat who did a wonderful job (and graphics)!

Best of Omona 2020 - Results Post
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This year we chose not to pick a "fave member", simple because you are all important.
As cheesy as it sounds, the community wouldn't be the same without people taking time to make posts (and exclusives), without your witty sense of humour in the comments; or even without the lurkers who pop to vote in the contest.
Good job omona, you made it through 2020!!!!!

💕 Thank you all for participating! 💕
'Your Year in Entertainment' Results Post

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