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AOA's Chanmi revealed to have been bullied in the group as well, received settlement from FNC

AOA's Chanmi was also reportedly bullied in the group.

An interview Chanmi's mother Im Chun-Sook gave in the past is catching attention. Chanmi's mother spoke with Hankook Ilbo and stated, "I received billions of won in settlement five years after Chanmi's debut.

She confessed, "I remember I was contacted by FNC one day and told that Chanmi suffered from depression since her third year of debut. At the time I asked Chanmi, who wanted to leave the company, to just leave without thinking about the penalty fee because I worried that she'd want to go back there."

Worried that something might happen, her mother took a train to Seoul everyday for two months to see Chanmi and ended up opening a beauty salon downstairs to be close to her.

Netizens that heard the news stated, "What's wrong with FNC? Is it normal that they settled this in 2014? You don't care for your artist..., what a weird agency. How hurt she must've been ᅲᅲ."

Meanwhile, AOA leader Jimin left the group over bullying rumors of former member Mina.

sources: dailynaver, top star news
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PinkFantasy - 'Shadow Play' Teasers

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so, yes. this comeback's been getting a lot of flack for, numero uno, crossing the line from appreciation to appropriation - the group teaser, and arang's teaser used to use a traditional bridal headwear. people seem to be so far impressed that mydoll actually listened and changed something, but still cautious considering the overall theme. this comeback is also being billed as a '4th single' , not a subunit, but two members are missing, including the main vocal, and there has been no confirmation as to what's up with those members.